Router and Repeater – modern helpers in everyday life today come from neither companies nor individuals in larger households without a sufficient networking. It is the wireless connection of different jobs with the Internet or but covering the entire household Wireless: Wi-Fi routers offer, in conjunction with the appropriate repeaters to extend the network, the ideal solution. The areas of application are clear: while the users previously on the wired connection and places so that certain instructed was, you want to today, and this not only at home, with his laptop, his Tablet PC (E.g. iPad) or get a connection to the World Wide Web from every room including the Smartphone. But also today’s televisions require a Wi-Fi connection as well as some printers to use its full functionality. For Wi-Fi routers offer the professional solution. Through the networking of devices with each other as well as the connection to the Internet, the router are all Wi-Fi enabled devices as an access point available. Depending on the features and functionality of a sufficiently large number of devices is therefore already covered, which can connect via Wi-Fi with the router.

For other routes, for example, to connect with each other not only several rooms, but two House halves or widely scattered offices, so-called Repeater are needed. These carry the signal, enabling an increase in signal strength or range. But not only the access to the Internet is made possible by networking. Practical applications are also the exchange of files between different devices to streaming services (for example, for the TV). And while some devices still wired (LAN) are connected, hence this with the wireless devices can communicate.

Current Wi-Fi routers offer extensive security and encryption methods to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders. With WPA encryption, all are transport data is fully encrypted, the SSID (the name of the network) can be hidden and setting a MAC filter allows only the previously approved devices access to the internal network. Additional functions supplement the devices partially useful features. These are in particular various multimedia features to differentiate. By connecting the hard drives or larger USB flash drive directly to the Wi-Fi router, the stored data available, anything is possible, for example, videos or music files, all desired users in the network by exchanging individual files up to home theater entertainment. Its small footprint provides another advantage of Wi-Fi routers: through the integrated modem (DSL) connection will be made without additional devices this saves not only space, but also electricity. No matter what needs you have as a user comparative test reports assist in finding appropriate devices.