Mannheim Publishing House brings text correction solution for medical documentation to the Mannheim market, November 04, 2010. Medicine the existing Duden-spelling and grammar checking the upgrade installed newly on the market expanded Latin terminology, medical terminology and abbreviations. It is the leading correction technology for use in the medical documentation available for the first time. The introduction of case rates in the health care sector has significantly expanded the documentation obligations of physicians in recent years. Also, payers and medical services make more and more demands to the course of disease, which mussen,(1) the doctors writing questions while the enormous cost pressures in the health care sector has led at the same time to always further savings in personnel.

So considering further increasing documentation requirements, as well as thinner staff ceiling not already scarce time to heal even further is limited, it requires comprehensive technical support, such as for example also by members of the VhitG (= Association of manufacturers of IT solutions for the healthcare e.V.) in the form of hospital software, medical practice software and other software products for the construction of a cross-sectoral communication offered. This approach is also the Mannheim Duden Publishing House, which further expands its position as a leading language technology provider in the German-speaking countries with its new correction technology for medical documentation. Industry-specific solutions for the print and media industry, and the public administration, now also the health care system should be equipped with a solution specially created. “The corrector medicine”, as he is often called, is available not only in the major Office suites, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, but also in hospital information management system can be integrated. Thus, the textual documentation in medicine might again make a qualitative leap forward, comes with the integration of the corrector medicine”but not only the market-leading spelling and grammar used. The consideration of medical terminology, Latin terminology and abbreviations the operation not only leads to the correction in the case of misspellings, but minimizes the number of false positives, because for example the traditional program does not recognize these terms.