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It is possible to properly repair not working vacuum pumps or wait to customers now for the first time at SKVTechnik. It is possible to properly repair not working vacuum pumps or wait to customers now for the first time at SKVTechnik. Customers had to expect so far often expensive replacements in the event of an accident of a vacuum pump. This is now not longer every necessary thanks to the new range of SKVTechnik. SKV expands technology offering according to the customer’s demands. Now, customers can wait your SKVTechnik vacuum pump and repair. There a special request page, which collects the defective machine parameters and forwards using the form on the technician of SKVTechnik on the SKVTechnik’s online shop. This is still not a repair order.

The following request history is provided: 1 step of herd or new customers sign their defective unit at SKVTechnik for repair. This includes a new form page within the online shop has been implemented: this repair (repair). Customers fill in the repair request without obligation. 2. The step The SKVTechnik service technician receives the short description of the error, the performance parameters of the vacuum pump and the contact person at the customer’s site. Then the modalities and expected costs be discussed by phone. 3. Step SKV technology picks up the defective fan at the customer and performs an electrical and mechanical diagnosis of the machine.

The customer receives an offer to repair and confirm this if necessary. (If the repair costs exceed the replacement procurement effort, SKV is returning the device cause technology or make the professional disposal of the old device for a small fee by arrangement with the customers, or offer the customer an adequate fan.) 4 Step the back operational vacuum pump is returned to the customer.

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System Range Receives Design Plus Award

The Hiendl mounting profile (MP) system product range was awarded on May 25, 2011 the design plus award, the exhibition gives Frankfurt together with the Council for design. Since 2005, the label in the context of the biennial fair award material vision”materials, semi-finished and finished products, innovative materials or processing techniques are used in their manufacture. The waiver is on polluting materials, avoiding energy-intensive manufacturing processes or the recyclability of a material in the selection of the prize winners in the Center. Also the Hiendl system range plastic Hiendl NFC is manufactured from the chocks belongs MP to the 32 winners this year. The composite material developed by the plastics processors Hiendl consists of 30% polypropylene and 70% local natural fibres. With a strength of over 70 N/mm2 and a bending modulus of over 5,500 N/mm2 of Biomaterial clearly exceeds the properties of pure polypropylene and can be in many applications keep conventional metal profiles.

In addition to the excellent material properties, the new profile system compared to aluminium profiles offers a considerably more favorable life cycle assessment. In comparison, the Hiendl system in the production with a saving of 75% of primary energy and over 90% less CO2 significantly better truncates output. His simple and functionally well thought out design makes the profile system to a universally applicable and flexible modifiable mounting kit, convinced in the private sector as in the industrial application. The mounting profiles there are in three different sizes (30 x 30, 45 x 45 and 90 x 45) and dyed in many colors. The PCM and the keyway width back with the versatile applicability of profiles and compatibility with commercially available systems and accessories. The material is also lightweight, corrosion-resistant, can be processed like wood and delivers through the processing always ready to use surfaces.

Special material properties, such as the low Thermal conductivity, the electric insulation ability, or the magnetic neutrality also recommend the free metal Hiendl MP variant for special applications (E.g. EMV test setups). The arch/Furth in Lower Bavaria-based H. Hiendl GmbH & co. KG is a modern producer and service provider in the field of plastics technology. It produces products and components in the injection molding and extrusion. In addition the company for some years been heavily involved with the development of innovative materials. The central theme of the research and development activities is the quality-oriented use of renewable raw materials. A successful proof of this commitment is the Hiendl NFC product line.

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Ghv Drive Technology – The Spirit Of Solutions

ghv celebrating its 10th anniversary. For 20 years it ghv a unabhagiger partner in drive technology. The goals are high. ghv counts for many years as a PREMIUM supplier of Panasonic drives and frequency inverters of Fig ghv and the specialists of ABB and PANASONIC know how one develops energy-efficient solutions. Since ghv no brand is bound to the consultation can be done independently. Only the best of the best, of course, always adapted to the budget of the client is selected.

Powerful Kleinststeuerungen and dynamic energy-efficient servo drives form the basis for positioning systems of the future. And this in many branches of industry. Awarded by smallest construction forms, simple, logical processes of control and diagnostic functions. ghv solutions consist of FP series, servo systems and specially tuned software with integrated control functions. It is important to solve more complex problems, is a motion-control library for a wide variety of applications available. With an excellent quality management equipped, this proves the certification according to ISO 9001-2008 and the recommendation to the DEKRA Award, can look with confidence to the future ghv.

Everything revolves around the customers. This award is industry-independent since 1999 for model introductions of management systems. ghv puts together as an independent supplier, customer solutions for drive and automation tasks. If necessary, selected products of the respective customer requirements can be modified accordingly. It should fit just about”. So Hubert Hausjell, the Managing Director of ghv drive technology. He has everything under control and always the latest trends at a glance. Our look outside the box reveals the market faster developments us. This knowledge about the market is the Foundation for us, the benefits of our work for the contracting authority to maximize.”the essence of a partnership between customer and supplier is tied not to a product but to a common goal”. As will be seen in ghv the relationship customer supplier and lived. ghv wants in the World of drive technology, warning and alarm systems, as well as in the LED machine luminaires world give always the best. Set milestones. Know where the road leads. So innovative, targeted solutions developed in the past 20 years. Ghv docking points offers expert advice in drive technology up to topics of energy efficiency in all business areas. ghv wants to be asked and is more in demand than ever. People stand behind all these services. The successes of your successes that have been achieved with these people are the driving force for the future. Brand-independent selection of the entire product range on the market, such as asynchronous motors with inverter, small geared motors, DC Brushless motors, servo systems, linear systems, controls for the movement automation is to warn reporting systems and LED machine luminaires, ghv possible.

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