Carpathian Mountains

In order to enjoy summer vacation does not necessarily wait for the summer. Winter vacation can be also very exciting, with the main select the correct direction. Most often, winter tours associated with recreation in mountains. What could be better than the mountains in winter. Enjoy the downhill with the highest peaks, to feel the atmosphere of the mountains or simply a breath of fresh air.

More and more Moldovans prefer to vacation in the mountains of the Carpathians. Each year they rush to the neighboring countries of Romania and Ukraine. This is due to geographical proximity of Moldova with these countries. Rest in Carpathians – is one of the best rest in the winter. To describe the holiday in the mountains is almost impossible, to convey the whole spirit of fairy-tale winter mountains, you need to go there. Enjoy exclusive scents of the forest. The mountains in winter – have in them something charming and alluring, having visited at least once, I want to come back again and again to gain strength from the majestic mountains, from the pure frosty air, and old trees! If you plan to spend your vacation in the Carpathian Mountains, then you certainly will not regret it.

If you are tired bustle of the metropolis and a bad environment, you necessarily need to go to the mountains. Particularly well in the Carpathian Mountains in the winter holidays. Rest on New Year's or Christmas will leave a lasting impression on the holiday and the atmosphere this winter. There will be comfortable and to those who love peace and quiet, fresh air and the silence of the mountains, and fans of extreme and outdoor activities. People come here for the vivacity and positive to forget bustle of city life, with a head dive into the maelstrom of emotions and vivid unforgettable experience.

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