Yaykarov Salavat Partial

Wrong kind of music is played everywhere electro-house, and you have a soul is to the breakbeats? Do not get up in the way of mass production, play what you like, look labels and record companies of its size. People on the dance floor feel when you play music that you do not like. 5. Bad honed the skills of the game brought 10 tracks and you want to play in the trendy clubs of the city / country / world? For Write the beginning of his creation, and compare with sets of professionals in this style. Compared? Draw conclusions. 6.

Reluctance to learn more about appears with a halo. This feeling of coolness and importance, followed by reluctance to adopt new technologies, techniques. The usual result – drop your score. 7. Careers at tracks all the correct information does not stop. When you try to do a tour around the country and the world you have no doubt asked: “And on what labels you release?”. In the west (Europe, USA) high-paid DJs create music, but most often are the owners of record labels.

The surest way for the DJ to stay “on horseback” – to write music. 8. Narrow field view not to focus on DJing, whether fully developed person, always seeking new knowledge and skills. This will definitely be a big plus in your career. 9. Reduction vs. Playing Technique Many details have only here is not all there is originality. Enjoy your music supply, connect the soul and imagination. All the rest, as you know, just twist the plate.

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Partysan Poll

The highlights of the electronic music scene of a year Berlin, 08 November 2011. Since the 01. November 2011 gets now in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Ibiza and Slovenia established network for electronic music and Club culture Partysan blog’ partysan.net again on the big online voting of the electronic music scene. What were the brilliant highlights in the past few months? Is the honour of the newcomers of the year due? What was the best track, the funkiest remix or the most records? The entire audience will decide the winners and losers of the year 2011. Who now exceed the winner stairs is so completely in the hands of all Sympartysanten’, Club enthusiasts and spotters.

Who belongs to the highlights and Favorites in 2011? The Partysan poll 2011 & award answers and authoritative views on the development of 2012. beyond any doubt affect the results of the polls record sales, fees and bookings of artists and acts. Until January voting has long been as forward-looking barometer for musical trends and developments in scene understanding. Entire careers can be brought by a nomination in the role and established acts confirmed or brought on the ground of the facts. Everything is open and is located in the decisiveness of the dedicated readership. Two basic phases characterized the Partysan poll 2011. Firstly the phase of nomination & poll’, in which all the participants nominate a name in eighteen categories available and thus actively participate. On the other hand, the actual voting and the award. The ten are presented most nominated name for the voting and thus exciting final phase here. From January 2012, the Partysan after meticulous evaluation published the results in the form of the PARTYSAN award 2011 weekly ‘ and is another sign of the electronic music scene.

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