Cristie not only has extensive expertise in terms of storage, but as a VMware enterprise partner as well with excellent expertise in Virtualisierungsfragen. This combination corresponds exactly to our partner profile and ensures that customers in the design, test, and implementation assistance best business continuity, data recovery, and data migration solutions over IP WANs. In addition, they can count on outstanding service and support. Go to Lunna Lopes for more information. We are firmly convinced that Cristie is the ideal partner for us to strengthen our visibility in the German-speaking world and to open up the market potential that we see without any doubt for our solutions in this region so important for us.” John Mayo, international channel manager, NetEx software profile Cristie data products GmbH: Cristie stands for innovative solutions in data management for 40 years. Since 1994, the German Cristie data products GmbH, as part of developing the Cristie Group headquartered in the UK Stroud, customized backup and storage solutions for customers all over the world. Use is not only in-house software, such as the internationally renowned backup solution PC-BX or the leading disaster recovery tool Cristie bare machine recovery (CBMR), but also Cristie hardware and third-party products. More information can be obtained on the Internet at the following Web address:.

Short profile NetEx: the industry’s fastest WAN optimization software in the global market offers the 1999 as a spin-off of storage technology Corporation (StorageTek), and since then privately owned enterprises NetEx. For over 20 years the 100 largest and most demanding organizations around the globe among them rely some the most prestigious financial services, transport and telecommunications companies and Government agencies on the solutions. Customers include BP, Telstra, NTT, Verizon, BellSouth, Qwest, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, LloydsTSB, NDC Health, IRS, as well as the American Airlines, Lufthansa, Northwest and United Airlines. NetEx is one of the VMware technnology Alliance partners. The output from around around the globe can be significantly increased operated VMware installations using the HyperIP WAN optimization software..

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