The cat as it is well known to all people is an animal which possesses great agility and unrivalled flexibility, this is due to the entire structure of your body has been designed with unique features that provide you with great qualities and make it unique, has very well-placed muscles that give you strength, tail plays a big role when it comes to the balancetheir legs are great strength and endurance, but all these features are accompanied, by a large set of bones that make up the skeleton of the cat, which has all the qualities to make the entire structure of the CAT Act properly as that makes it as suitable for jump from high altitudes and always fall perfectly and also give you great qualities to hunting activities. (A valuable related resource: Rebecca Father). In such forms the skeleton of the cat although it is smaller than that of humans contains many more bones in such a way humans possess only 206 bones that make up the skeleton, while the skeleton of the cat is comprised of 230 bones, but also if you count the bones supranumerarios, serian totaling approximately 282 bones, the skeleton of the cat is particularly flexible, also is very light, one of the frills that helps you much has having great agility, is the clavicle, which is located between the front ends, is equipped with a cartilage of small dimensions, that allow you to stretch the front legs with ease and to take this particularity into the conformation of the skeleton of the cat, is that it has as much agility, pelvis and shoulders is ranked attached to the spine in a manner much more comfortable and loose than the other cuadrupedos, which gives you much more freedom in the movement, something that has always been reason for admiration and astonishment with respect to the cat, is that you can always fall from considerable heights without any problem and without injury and always fall wellwhich is due to that the skeleton of the cat possesses a very flexible column, which allows you to turn in the air and having a flexible column, you can relax the muscles and turn with ease, thus greatly minimizes the impacts of the fall, then fall supporting your legs will not receive as much force on the impact of the fall, garcias to the particularities that owns the skeleton of the cat. In definitive the skeleton of the cat is a very fexible skeleton and as an extra aid to the high capacity of movement, has a few joints that have a high level of rotation, allowing you to turn the extremities both vowels as the subsequent almost that completely and the probavilidad of dislocations is almost non-existent and for this reason also is that you can see the queue at any position, as you can see the skeleton of the cat in addition to being the sustenance of the body structure of the cat providing a frame for protection against blows to their parties more soft, has great qualities that give flexibility to the entire body from the skeleton of the cat and agildad. Original author and source of the article.

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