If a potential buyer before the problem arises of buying a laptop, your first point is certainly to determine the manufacturer's laptop, and then so, for what actually you need a laptop. Of course, that choose the manufacturer is a leader, so laptops asus, will be optimized for both low-budget decisions, and to select a laptop equipped with the latest technology. Well, when you need to determine for which tasks you need a laptop, the company asus, like other notebook manufacturers differentiate issued laptops into multiple segments for different types of users. Now let's look at some functional groups (Segments) divides asus has made it to laptops, and ASUSTeK, like many other companies divide their laptops asus into three functional segments, which we have in the order discussed below. The first segment of the notebook asus – notebook segment soho (Small Office / Home Office – Home / office). This is the most budget notebook segment asus, laptops are designed mostly for stationary use in the office or home, these laptops have everything you need for office work and small entertainment.

Laptops soho segment equipped with 15 – 17 inch screens, and so, as a budget solution – integrated graphics. And indeed in the game on such laptops not play, but with office applications, these laptops cope well – with the help of laptop you get a relative mobility, saving space and money. An example of this segment may serve as the asus Notebook Asus X51Rl. Notebook Asus X51Rl equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo family T5xxx or Celeron M 500 series uses a chipset with integrated graphics ati Radeon Xpress 1100, up to 2Gb of ram ddrii 667MHz.