c) The human being commits it the accomplishment of the objectives of the company for the compensations associates with its profit. d) The people if accustom to search responsibilities. The lack of ambition and the insistence in the security are, generally, consequences of the same one experience and not characteristic essentially human beings. e) The capacity to develop in relatively high degree the imagination, the device and the creative capacity to decide the problems of the company, is characteristic of great part of the population. The dichotomy is evident and counts that when perceiving that one annulled to another one, MacGregor started to elaborate Theory Z. Personally understands that the human being is so complex that the letters of the alphabet are insufficient to enumerate as much the characteristics of social groups and m data moment and in geographic space.

Thus we would have that to elaborate the Theory X.1, A.3.2, etc. Douglas it obtained to catch, in our opinion, two marcantes characteristics of the enterprise organizations and the form as if they relate with its subordinate. In some of them the human being is only plus a tool to implement profits and must be sucked to the exhaustion. He is obvious that this time already passed. The companies who possess tip administration, whom they produce better resulted treat the human capital as true partners, collaborators and had practically decreed the extinguishing of the administration based on Theory X.

But and the public service? In the reality this is the quarrel that this summarized work looks for to establish. Certainly in many sectors of the Public Administration the proper legislator Unhappyly remains in vigor the administration based on Theory X., for times seems contaminated for this type of reasoning. It seems us evident that the development of the good Public Administration walks the distant and slow steps of the Private Administration.