Often I have listened to the famous expression would want to do this, but I do not have time and seems that the life of nowadays enough is accelerated, which causes that many people fall in a life agenda tightened enough. What we can make to obtain a balanced life more? Without a doubt that first we must be organized, to be disciplined and not to try to make too many things simultaneously, this brings a physical wearing down and mental, hundreds of thousands of activities in exist which we could participate, before making decisions by impulse, first we analyze if in truth that activity gives will contribute something us positive to our life. The balance begins suppressing to stress and the preoccupations, how to obtain it? Easily, we identify the situations that produce stress to us and we begin to act in them, for example if our use gives more preoccupations perhaps us and headaches who satisfactions then we are not in the appropriate place, sound to him difficult to accept but it must look for a change. Its mind is powerful and can give everything him what you it wishes, but so that this happens it is necessary to press and to insist with all forces on the change idea, to this is called ardent desire to him, implies that we are arranged to sacrifice totally to see to us crowned our dreams, in the book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt shows the techniques to him to activate the power of its subconscious mind and to indicate in the physical plane ideas that will give an enormous satisfaction him, reading this book will have in its hands the great secrets that cause that a goal works starting off of any circumstance. It observes as the autorrealizacin is very important to obtain a balanced life, in fact if we are enjoying what we do, this implies that we are connected with the creative energy and this will allow us to realise other activities with spirit. The attitude that we also have towards the life plays an important roll, we must take conscience from the abundance and of which in fact this world is full of wonderful opportunities, but before is necessary to change to negative beliefs and obstacles in our interior, once we have a new vision then little by little the doors they are abriendo to us. The money plays a preponderant role in our quality of life, with money we can obtain very many satisfactions and is a powerful energy that we must wish, only thinks a little while about all the advantages that the money offers and account of its importance will occur, then how to attract it our life? It will arrive at our life insofar as we appreciate internamente it, is necessary to wish it, this can be obtained stimulating our conscious senses, in the powerful subliminal videos are designed to send images, sounds and messages to hit in its subconscious mind, insofar as you feed his thought with ideas on prosperity then internamente you you will understand that really she wishes the money and little by little she will begin to appear in its life. It analyzes how it is his life at the moment, if you feel tired, estresado, worrying, with little energy, discouraged, pessimist, etc. all this indicates to him that its life is disorderly in one or several aspects, is precise that it changes of course, that adopts success ideas and looks for what yes it will give satisfaction him.