XXL party – we want more… More prosperity and democracy party has established itself on the 01.09.2012. 1 Press release of the XXL party the Federal Board of the XXL we want to party more party for more prosperity and democracy is pleased to announce the establishment of the party to the 01.09.2012: wife Andrea Falkenstein became the National Chairman, Mrs Wendy Masek became the Deputy Federal Chairman and unanimously elected the Federal Treasurer and Secretary Mr Joachim Koch. We, the three founders have found us together because we want to stop looking the other way, but look. We all have hoped for years and trust that our leaders have set our House Germany. The Federal Republic’s founders have built an ordentlichens Foundation us the basic law.

But there is always more botched construction since the 70s. In the meantime, the roof is leaking, but the system media reports continues to the reliable and unavoidable roof construction. The walls are wet, mold has formed and sickens as well as our health care system. Burglary and theft, for it is the front door wide open. The watchdog, which is to guard the site, drawn the teeth. The concrete has cracks, just like our roads everywhere. The architects are fighting because not ausreichen ending knowledge, whether to renovate the House now or only makeshift patch. And now begins to crumble at our Foundation and our politicians ignore the facts or even with help that the Foundation is torn; Television digs himself free special airtime and reported live from the advantages of a fudamentlosen building under the aspect of global warming.

If that’s not enough quota, it switches to will TV. There runs the show “As a foundation the environment contaminated and responsible for the extinction of the rare 5-foot-Jagdspinnerlings”. Our citizens feel guilty enough then and keeps his mouth shut. EEG and wall insulation can cover up only on the outside all the failures, but causes that citizens reach back deep in the Pocket and in the Doubt still more must work so that he can finance all the magic.