Paying More Attention To Industrial Design

At present, China s industry is big but not strong. Extensive development mode has not been a fundamental change, and there is an urgent need to get out a new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics. The industrial design is an effective way to change scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces, to improve the capability of independent innovation, to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, to promote industry structure optimization and to upgrade and change patterns of development. And we should change our country from made in China to created in China. In brief, compared with the design of the developed countries, the development of industrial design in China is still in its infancy with the requirements of industrial development.

There is a great gap between industrial development level and design service capabilities urgent need to upgrade. Thus Henan Hongxing researched on many years of performance, they invented a set of machine in stone crushing plant. In recent years, according to structure adjustment of the national mining machinery and the upgrade requirements of the transformation, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co. Ltd. identifica new development strategy, adhere to the independent innovation, upgrade, deep conversion, circulation development, deepen reform, promote technology innovation, technology upgrading, upgrade the optimization and upgrading of products, enterprise development and upgrade cluster of upgrades, to make the first brand mining machinery in China and even the world. I believe that in the mining machinery industry, if the company wants to competitive in the field, you should may more attention to the industrial design. Actually it adopts to all kinds of industries. China should have a long-term planning and a comprehensive layout from the strategic level to accelerate the growth and development of the industry in the development of industrial design. All levels of government and relevant departments should strengthen the importance of innovative design, increase efforts to support the development of innovative design industry trying to address deficiencies in industrial design, to active planning of industrial development, to promote the industrial design for industrial health to play to substantive role in promoting sustainable development.

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Vision Internal

Growth person, it is partly a matter of searching, press and create opportunities for self-improvement. Michael Waters internal perception always has been manifested in the master there in us, willing to liberate ourselves from our own crutches, clarify that self-consciousness is no longer a State of being in two minds, which coincidentally also means a State of indecision and hesitation, of paralysis psychic-precisely, this self-consciousness becomes when you want to handle dualisticamente, taking real things like conventions of thought and Word that separate the Yo si himself, as also to the mind of the body, the spirit of the subject, the Knower of what is known. In separation, the I that I know I need know is never and controlled is never that need control. In Zen, the teacher truly teaches nothing to the student, but it forces you to discover if same and, Furthermore, not be sees himself as a teacher, every time there are only teachers from the point of view of the disciple that he has not awakened. Here, the importance of being attentive, because we are in transit through the world of perishable, characteristic of this physical plane forms to discover by ourselves, not by teachers but by absence in such a way where we not feel the feeling, need to rely on others, alienate us, numbing the genius that us is manifestedactivate the gnomes of original thoughts emanating from the source of the supraconciecia. It has a teacher who woke up to surprise with his own role in the true inner stage, said that what is important are not particular things that must be done, but the attitude, inner understanding and disposition that makes. What is needed is not a new kind of technique, but a new kind of man and how an ancient Taoist book points out: When inappropriate man uses the correct media, correct media function improperly. .

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Mauro Bolognini

Endless finally! A narrative we are taken; basically who or what We are completely permeated by a preconceived idea of the single world? Cracks in everyday life look disturbing visions, as truly as the local objectivity. Bent like floating spirits I think, as all trees would bear naked grief this morning, as if the few passers-by from a funeral. Was the Millennium because sprinkled with ashes? The sky was still full of dreams at midnight, big wishes, affable confidence. Laughing voices that emerge sparkled from collected glasses, people were their necks towards future, silvery tinsel still in your hair. In May of 2009 was released titled evil conditions”the second volume of poetry of the author Peter Pitsch, comprising 45 compressed texts. The transcript of this lyrical prose miniatures”had in hindsight allows the poet a useful inventory of various incidents. Experiences that were mostly several years back, but to Transfer to an emotionally comprehensible level him once the linguistic forms of expression were missing.

Editing the works brought a carton filled with hundred self-financed book copies Ryan on the part of the Publisher, but that being said, the publication as well as on Mars could have taken place. A real distribution of the band from the very beginning was almost excluded due to lack of any effective publishing activities. Certainly, as an obvious option the poet would provide the work other publishers. But his unwillingness to move again with a so-called niche product in the search and in the aftermath of most likely put up with countless rejections, stifled any motivation in the approach. Then, using Ryan on the various substantive topics of the book and finally made a decision, namely to link the texts written mostly in prosaic lyrical style in a narrative way. The implementation of the idea proved a fitting continuation Seal of evil conditions.

Down to a reality in which no social masquerade, not hypocritical misled prevent overlooking the shortcomings of humanity seeks to. In addition, this book is a tribute to all the poets and writers, of which the very least ever be perceived beyond their known. About Peter Pitsch: He was born in Herford, Germany in 1963, lived among others in Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Copenhagen and Nykobing (South Denmark). His writing career began, full of Weltschmerz, full of euphoria and faith in an eternally valid life formula that he was ready to decrypt once in Paris. During a long stay in Italy, he gained experience as a film actor. He appeared in 12 films and multiple commercials and embodied the death”in a play; He has worked with film directors such as Mauro Bolognini, Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava. Then he hit a career as a writer and artist completely. He lives in Scandinavia and is devoted to literary writing as well as the design of book covers and digital art. In the early 1990s, he published his first book, followed by various publications. In addition, reviews, poems and prose texts were recording in various magazines and anthologies. 2008 the breakthrough came with the satirical novel of the cuckoo’s egg syndrome”. “” “Since the contemporary poetry volume published by evil conditions”, the autobiographical novel In being uncertain”as well as the thriller W.E.L.T”. With the Sixtysix digital art book”, he presented a new variant of its artistic creativity 2011. “A poetry book titled presence” and two children’s books are available from 2012. “Recently are next to endless finally” the art book sixty seven “and an another children’s book appeared. More information: j.

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On Sundays To The Christmas Shopping In The Department And That Closed Shops

“Kaufhaus Tyrol Innsbruck held on December 8th and 15th Smartphone shopping via QR-code: Speed4Trade mobile store platform and software-backend for showcase poster campaign provides old town, 12.12.2013: the Department store Tyrol in Innsbruck will be its title best shopping center in Europe” once more just: for the very special shopping experience department store transformed, on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of advent, in an innovative Smartphone shopping mall. Vorweihnachtlichem framework programme and open hospitality visitors take a colorful shopping along the with QR-code posters decorated shop Windows. The poster deals with particular products or vouchers come from dealers of the Kaufhaus Tyrol-based shops. Everything you need for the convenient window shopping, is a Smartphone with course bar code reader. It scans the visitor QR-code the chosen product and enters a Web shop that is optimized for mobile devices. Make the selection of the details as color or size and specify of the desired method of payment Finally the perfect shopping. Depending on the request, delivered to the mail order or can be picked up personally on workdays. A such exciting shopping event make possible cutting-edge technology and innovative software applications of Speed4Trade.

The smart eCommerce platform emMida integrates the mobile-enabled store Tyrol shop, it held, digital poster offers including QR-code recognition. The eCommerce software company headquartered in North-East Bavaria delivers the complete technical platform and software-side processing. The sale downstream order processing and shipping processing lies with the full service agency smartsale360. For the first time in the German-speaking world a such QR-code Sunday is offered in a department store shopping. “” The Department store Tyrol like classical trade point shows so impressively, point-of-sale and online trading via the Smartphone interface “profitably linked and outside the opening hours of the shop one another to fertilize” can.

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Segula LED Bulbs Are Now Certified By TuV

The Segula LED series receives the TuV and surprised the Auditors by extreme Widerstandsfahgikeit. Since August 2010, the Segula LED bulbs have a TuV certificate. Thus, the LED lights of Segula company are one of the first with this certificate. In addition to the statutory requirements a further product feature now exists, which particularly highlights the quality of the products. Quite exceptionally, TuV has highlighted the resistance against overvoltages. The LEDs have kept themselves at a voltage of 460V.

Also this is a basis for a long service life, because it highlights the durability of the electronic components. Frank Segula, managing partner of Segula GmbH: we are of course very proud of the results of the TuV test and think that not only we, but also our trading partners will benefit from this certificate. Ultimately, the TUV logo provides an another strong selling point at the point-of-sale. With our LEDs, the customer has the complete security of Purchase decision. Get the classic designs, as they are many decades gives customers and now with TuV certificate.

Therefore the customer with our lamps can do no wrong.” Christian Essers, head of product management of Segula GmbH adds: us mattered, in addition, that the production facilities have been included in the certification. We always emphasize that we choose our partners carefully and see also this from the certificate confirmed. We will continue to be a trusted partner for the German market and our range is extended fully at the end of the month. Our customers may be stretched. In the next few days, we publish more details for this purpose.” The Segula bulbs range offers modern and promising LED technology in the classical designs. This means clear advantages compared to energy-saving bulbs, as well as conventional LEDs. There is information on.

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SMACK Communications Is

Berlin-based communication agency developed a new online service portal for solar module manufacturer Inventux Technology AG sales support Berlin, 06.04.2011. For the solar module manufacturer Inventux technologies AG, communications agency of SMACK communications today introduces an online service portal that makes tangible and practical about the involvement of competent specialist installers the premium solar systems of the Berlin company for the consumer in the context of a sales campaign. Clean energy is currently on everyone’s lips, but until now it was very difficult to buy a solar power system for end customers. And it was even more difficult to find a specific price and to find a suitable Solar Installer. “We now have this problem with partners of the Sun ‘ solved ‘, SMACK explains Managing Director and communications strategist Martin Bruss the strategy behind this project.

Partners of the Sun”is an online service portal via the end customers under with just a few steps to a Solar Installer in your area contact get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to ensure optimal service quality in any time of day or night, all processes are monitored and controlled centrally via a proprietary CRM-cockpit. “New to the solar industry is also, that Inventux via the online portal partners of the Sun” offers complete packages for solar systems. The solar market is becoming increasingly from a specialist store a normal ‘ consumer market. “For us it was a logical consequence of early access to this evolving communication and information needs and to contribute to increase the market and price transparency”, Regula Bathelt, SMACK Communications Manager explains. SMACK communications developed for the customer Inventux technologies AG therefore an integrated sales and communication strategy under the umbrella of the brand partner of the Sun”, for the competent specialists as partners of the Sun were selected through a nationwide Roadshow. The focus of the campaign is in digital communication, which can ensure a nationwide targeting. In addition to the implementation of the online service platform also an online commercial with specially composed the Sun partner are “song, as well as various social media activities in the focus of the communication activities.

In addition, currently accompanying print measures are in terms of direct marketing tools and ad in the implementation. SMACK Communications GmbH SMACK Communications GmbH is an owner-managed communications agency that is specialized on strategic brand management and belongs to the pioneers of integrated communications. With the SMACK fire balance method develops the Berlin Agency for over 13 years of successfully differentiated marketing strategies and creative solutions for dynamic and innovative company. SMACK communications has extensive experience in the fields of energy, real estate, healthcare, IT, automotive and telecommunications. Current customers are AGAPLESION, IFM Immobilien, Inventux solar technologies, clean Energy u.v.m. More information: Regula Bathelt / Management Board SMACK Communications GmbH Wall Street 16, 10179 Berlin T + 49 (0) 30-789 02 100 F + 49 (0) 30-789 02-101

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On The Way To The Market Domination

Richard Gutjahr Media Forum of Mittweida 2010 about monopolization of the brands staff of the editor-in-Chief of Bavarian television, reporter for ARD, Blogger and host of late Edition of RB-Rundschau: with Richard Gutjahr organizers cancel the 14th Media Forum Mittweida by on 11-13 October 2010 on the campus of the University of Mittweida after Peter Kloeppel, Barbara Dane and Volker Herres a further high-profile speakers to. The multimedia journalist gained international media attention when he reported in early April this year online live from the launch of the iPad in New York and surprising was the world’s first iPad owner. Within the framework of Germany’s largest student organized media Congress Gutjahr will give a lecture on the topic of “Monopolization at all costs – Apple, Google, Facebook and co.” Original and above all faster than the competition conditions, which is to meet it, are always better when a company aimed at the domination of a market. Clever marketing and new developments contribute to the ever-growing Success at. So market share such as 85 percent of Google Inc. with regard to search engines, or 92 percent of Microsoft in the area of PC operating systems for emerging competitors appear impregnable. But what means and methods take advantage of successful companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook? How do they influence the consumer in these ways? And what dangers resulting from such monopoly positions for the customers? Richard Gutjahr graduated from the Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich and studied politics and communication studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat. His internship took him to France and in the United States, where he wrote for newspapers and reported for CNN.

He was awarded the Ernst-Schneider Award for outstanding business journalism for his series of reports on the Hartz reforms. The multimedia journalist gained international media attention when he reported in early April this year online live from the launch of the iPad in New York and surprising was the world’s first iPad owner. In the course of his career very own experience with monopoly Gutjahr. In addition to his professional activities, he operates a private Web log. There, he recently expressed his Umnut about the “arrogance of a monopolist,” with press inquiries are handled by Deutsche Post in a post about the new “E-letters”. In another post titled “Google AdSense”, it is the much-discussed question: “Where does censorship?” Jan Holubek of Mittweida Media Forum 2010 took these personal experiences as an opportunity to question Richard Gutjahr in a first interview, inter alia to opportunities and threats of a monopoly. Gutjahr it holds: even in times of change it is important to prove courage and entrepreneurial spirit in the original sense.

Apple, Microsoft and Google have done. A (temporary) monopoly can help faster to achieve necessary change.” The full interview can be found on. “The media forum Mittweida under the slogan about extraordinary” are at the “” “” “this year’s Media Forum Mittweida from 11 to 13 October 2010 topics relationship boxes”, mirror image”power games”, pie in the sky”and springboard” discussed in discussions, lectures and workshops and discussed. In addition, the organizers offer a varied programme for guests and speakers. For more information about topics, speakers, organizers and day planning of Mittweida 2010 Media Forum, visit the event Web site at. Contact Media Forum Mittweida 2010 c/o Hochschule Mittweida University of applied sciences technology to position 17 D-09648 Mittweida team management press: Ina Heinrich Tel.: 03727 – 58 11 23 Mobile: 0173-92 77 787

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The Marler

Because when the temperatures rise, the load for refrigeration rises within data centers and server rooms. After a failure they must act quickly and effectively in large and complex projects.” When in the summer the cooling system fails, it can be hot not only unpleasant but also unpleasantly expensive expensive consequences. Because already short term losses caused by overheated computer can lead to data loss and thus to considerable economic damage. Therefore, any company on such emergency situations should be prepared. Resulting deficits can be compensated not by hand you should rent air conditioning, to ensure the security of the computer. The special cooling systems by carrier rental systems very accurately regulate temperatures in data centers. It is whether it comes in the short term to elevated temperatures or the performance of existing refrigeration equipment is not sufficient. The Marler company able to prevent failures due to overheated computer is so and to absorb peak loads in case of emergency.

Company portrait: Carrier rental systems operates worldwide in the field of mobile rental installations in the refrigeration and air conditioning and is within Germany of one of the market leaders. The company serves a variety of customers from various sectors and industries. The range of rental solutions in refrigeration and air conditioning technology consist of a comprehensive service package that includes a complete draft in advance of the installation as the specification of the equipment. Carrier rental systems is a core part of the carrier group, an company of United Technologies (UTC). Contact: Carrier rental systems Germany GmbH Dummerweg 202 45772 marl Tel.: +49(0)2365-606 96-50 fax: +49(0)2365-606 96-66

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Sports Association

A social network is very important today. By the rapid changes in today’s work world man must adapt once again situations to modified. Driven by globalization and the desire for flexibility people of less long live in the same House and the same city. In addition, many professions require a high spatial flexibility and long service trips to distant cities are no longer a rarity. Thus it is to build a solid social and cultural structure many people increasingly difficult. How and with whom the leisure is spent, has changed significantly in recent decades. This concerns not only the everyday life and the contacts in it, but also the manner how people play sports and keep fit. Here, too, changes have become necessary to adapt the existing sports facilities to the modern circumstances of life.

Who remains the largest part of his life in a place, often has the good fortune to be early member of a sports club. Usually their recruit Members of the classes of the school sports and hold it for many years. The most common reasons for a discharge are either according to latest studies of German associations in the field of sport, injuries, family changes or removals. One retired from active sport because of injuries, the Member often as athletic passive but still active in the Club member is retained the sports clubs. The sports club can waive also this group of members difficult, because these members often assume a large part of responsibility in the management and organization of the Sports Club. Family changes as a reason to terminate a membership in a sports club are less well studied. It is to take, especially when it comes to planning a family many future moms and dads waive the sport for the benefit of the family. This is a shame, because just the sport can provide relaxation and the social contacts in clubs often large support in many walks of life.

Here are also that prompted Club more to communicate these benefits of a Sports Association such as the creation of a Bulletin Board no matter whether online or offline. But just when young members of sport clubs, parades are the biggest problem. Especially in the period after graduating from the school, many young people go new ways and left the region in which they are grown. Often the reasons in the recording of studies or a good job finding that are enticing people to the first major change of location. This Wegzugler left in the sports clubs always a gap, which is difficult to get to close. Again care should be taken again, to not completely off to break the ties between the former member and the Sports Club. Because sooner or later many world travelers return to their home region and are glad to find direct attachment points. To understand the sports clubs, which is particularly useful in a certain region, indeed as a network must still by the Managers learned and better communicated. As a result, not only more people can be kept active in the sport, but also the social component of the sport will become more the focus.

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Technical Society

In addition, Today serious developers interested in the revival of licensing for construction works – this will cut off smaller competitors and really put things in order in certain types of construction work. Today already a considerable number of organizations have realized that it's easier and cheaper to invest in its own system of quality control activities, than to pay later for the errors. "We have a contractual relationship with one of the leading institutes in the construction industry of the city – sri Mosstroy. At all our facilities it provides of operational quality control – with a weekly report, – said Andrei Sharov, Director General construction company's strategy. " – In addition, we have a certified laboratory, concluded several contracts with the organizations involved, such as monitoring of surrounding buildings, control behavior of soils under the base of constructed buildings. Not only are customers, but manufacturers are interested in quality work. Some companies advocate the implementation of programs for the certification of its partners.

Availability this document, in particular, from the producers of translucent structures, according to experts propleks, will serve as end-user quality assurance of finished window, its installation and service service. Building – just a class along with the issue of compliance technology and the quality of the material itself more acutely raises the problem of low skills of many builders. To solve this problem requires the combined efforts of business and power. For example, in the Sverdlovsk region Ministry of Construction and Architecture in conjunction with the Ministry of General and Vocational Education created its system of partnership. Was organized by the Council to prepare training, which consisted of directors of colleges and professional schools, as well as leaders of industrial unions. The Ministry of Construction and Architecture established information base, which reflects the needs of construction companies in the frames.

Based on these data, and prepared training programs. Feature of the construction industry is the fact that professionals need to periodically upgrade their skills, ideally – job work. In this sense, may be useful experience Institute of Scientific and Technical Society of Builders. Now professionals can take courses remotely, getting educational materials for home or office. Prevent marriage – a very simple, but the fight with him – very difficult. Change must not only technology but also the psychology of builders. Notably, in some European countries to construct a building, the organization sufficient Architects seek confirmation that the project does not harm the city appearance. The technical documentation and the process of building officials practically do not interfere. They know that marriage and failures of interested in less than anyone else. And the faster in Russia cares about the image will become an indispensable attribute of each organization, the more likely the marriage will disappear completely. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

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