Laptop MacBook Air – the world's slimmest, its thickness varies from 4 mm to 1.93 centimeters. 3. Quick exchange of views. Today, consumers have the ability to easily share their views on any product at any point the world (only Skype software registration daily 150 thousand new users). All this seriously affects the choice. According to Synovate research mentioned above, and Microsoft, 28% were discussing a particular brand in the online forum, 23% added branded content to your web-messenger, while 19% have downloaded it to your homepage or social networking site.

There are many examples where companies spend millions on direct advertising budgets, and their reputation is destroyed laid out in no time blogger compromising material. The development of video technology companies makes the process of "personal" contact with the buyer. One of the fastest growing forms of education in the world – "all the guru – in Your office. " What companies? 1. Strive to get into the Top 20 on the Internet. 2.

Reduce the "logistics" cost of using the Internet, using it as a marketplace, a way to quickly share information with potential customers and business partners through video, as well as a way to reduce the cost of rent and service staff 3. Feel free to expand market boundaries, as tehnologizirovannom world there are no borders 4. Do product or service to a simpler, more accessible and beautiful. 5. Use the Internet environment as a platform for shaping public opinion Driver 2. Globalization of markets, companies, languages, cultures are no longer protected borders, distance and language barriers.