It is worth noting that ISIF to have something to learn, just for her promotion of use of such a brilliant marketing move, which is particularly relevant in times of financial crisis. And the use of “word of mouth” radio is not a crime. In our time Many put in a single synonymous with a number of concepts such as network marketing and pyramid scheme. But this is erroneous. And here’s why. Network companies sell products through distributors who are rewarded at the expense of increase its own sales network. That is, the more you have a distribution network of products, the more goods you sell and the more money you earn.

But the pyramid does not sell, they just throw naive people on the headstock – Take the money in the debt and promised to return with fabulous percent. In order to believed them as much as possible of the people, scammers use different methods, using the techniques of network marketing, and legal and investment management companies. Therefore, in order not to fall for the bait to them, we must remember that the networking company an opportunity to make money on sales, for example, students ISIF pay tuition, and those who brought them, receive for it from school fees. A pyramid scheme just asking to give them money, guarantee to pay the high interest rates is inadequate, without giving anything in return. By the way, financial, investment and brokerage companies never guarantee the payment of enormous interest because they twist the money on real stock markets. In network marketing, accepted that the goods must be of high quality, so that he, in fact, sold itself. Therefore, the network companies that adhere to this principle can be successfully and for a long time to be present in the market. A striking example is the company Oriflame, which exists already since 1967.

Of course network marketing – business-specific, not everyone can deal with them, much less succeed in it. But there are thousands and millions of people around the world who have found it myself and not bad for a living. This does not mean that network marketing – good or bad. Simply, there is an activity and want to do it, do not want – do not. From all the above, we can safely say that ISIF – this is not scam and certainly not a pyramid scheme. Yes, the company uses methods of network marketing, but crime and fraud in this. Who does not like this project? Why ISIF became the object of such massive black PR and papers containing defamatory false information? Most likely, this school they won one only crime – it has become popular, using network marketing. And some network company is obviously not to his liking, because captured market share and potential customers. And instead of developing own business in a healthy competition, trying to improve their organization and product offering, the company chose a rather strange way – libel and black PR. As the saying goes: not another second pit himself into it get.