The subject of this article is that the spirituality is a Y La Religion is another. If you realize or not these spiritual experiences you enrich, make you spiritually stronger, richer, there are some authors such as Carmen Robayna or Jesus Torralba they say, practically the spiritual part is the most important thing that we are in this world to grow spiritually, to experiment and to discover who we are and to use our spiritual journey in this world. And I agree with them, lately I’ve realized the importance of spiritual growth, and consequently I have begun to take action and devote 30 minutes every day, at least, to pray, to thank God for my family, for my children, for my wife, for being alive, by my web pages, by my colleagues for my prospects, by my friends, I am grateful for nature, for life, for many, many good things in my life. As you can see, nothing complicated or another world, only give thanks to God for the good and wonderful things in my life, and I want to tell you that I notice a radical change, I am always filled with joy, enthusiasm, happiness, love, I have a few spectacular spiritual experiences, and I’ve put aside emotions and negative feelings, actually choose to put aside negative emotions and negative feelings of fear, resentment, shame, guilt, resentment, fear, hatred, greed, selfishness, sadness, insecurity, hopelessness, penalty, rage, envy, depression, anger, lie, etc. You have to be aware of that you can choose to have your good spiritual experiences of: thanks, fullness, compassion, understanding, generosity, happiness, security, faith, power staff, self-esteem, laughter, enthusiasm, love, etc. Practical exercise: 1. type in your workbook: right now, I am aware of my spiritual experiences, and I choose consciously have good spiritual experiences.

2 Repeated 10 times in a loud voice the phrase: right now, I am aware of my experiences spiritual, and I choose consciously have good spiritual experiences, during one week. 3 Analyzes how you feel, write down in your notebook if you have a good change, even if it is a small change, and if you like, repeat again the point No. 2. 4. Repeat point No. 3 until it becomes a habit, and will do it effortlessly, unconsciously. Leave me a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me, tell me your problems, your concerns, your frustrations.