Ex Decide if the area of a paper is greater, equal or less after a piece of paper cut into strips Classify or group objects, shapes, numbers, words and ideas as common property, make the right decisions regarding the membership of a class, order numbers and objects by their attributes. Example: Select the triangles of a set of geometric figures of various shapes and numbers of sides. Represent numbers using models, data represent mathematical information in charts, tables, charts, graphs, generate equivalent representations of a given entity or mathematical relationship. Example: Shade areas of figures to represent given fractions. Example: Mary read 29 pages of a book.

If the book has 87 pages, in the equation 87 – __ = 29, the blank contains the number of pages that are read. Invent another situation for which this equation would be better. Distinguishing questions that may arise with information given, such a data set, those that can not be raised as well. Example: Given a graph, select from a set of those questions for which answers can be obtained with the graphic. III.

COMMON TROUBLESHOOTING Schoolchildren must educate them to recognize that mathematics is a great achievement of mankind and to appreciate nature. However, the mathematical knowledge itself is probably not the most impressive reason for the universal inclusion of mathematics in school curricula. One of the primary reasons to include knowledge of mathematics is that effectiveness as a citizen and job success are much improved by knowing and, what is more importantly, to use mathematics.