System Range Receives Design Plus Award

The Hiendl mounting profile (MP) system product range was awarded on May 25, 2011 the design plus award, the exhibition gives Frankfurt together with the Council for design. Since 2005, the label in the context of the biennial fair award material vision”materials, semi-finished and finished products, innovative materials or processing techniques are used in their manufacture. The waiver is on polluting materials, avoiding energy-intensive manufacturing processes or the recyclability of a material in the selection of the prize winners in the Center. Also the Hiendl system range plastic Hiendl NFC is manufactured from the chocks belongs MP to the 32 winners this year. The composite material developed by the plastics processors Hiendl consists of 30% polypropylene and 70% local natural fibres. With a strength of over 70 N/mm2 and a bending modulus of over 5,500 N/mm2 of Biomaterial clearly exceeds the properties of pure polypropylene and can be in many applications keep conventional metal profiles.

In addition to the excellent material properties, the new profile system compared to aluminium profiles offers a considerably more favorable life cycle assessment. In comparison, the Hiendl system in the production with a saving of 75% of primary energy and over 90% less CO2 significantly better truncates output. His simple and functionally well thought out design makes the profile system to a universally applicable and flexible modifiable mounting kit, convinced in the private sector as in the industrial application. The mounting profiles there are in three different sizes (30 x 30, 45 x 45 and 90 x 45) and dyed in many colors. The PCM and the keyway width back with the versatile applicability of profiles and compatibility with commercially available systems and accessories. The material is also lightweight, corrosion-resistant, can be processed like wood and delivers through the processing always ready to use surfaces.

Special material properties, such as the low Thermal conductivity, the electric insulation ability, or the magnetic neutrality also recommend the free metal Hiendl MP variant for special applications (E.g. EMV test setups). The arch/Furth in Lower Bavaria-based H. Hiendl GmbH & co. KG is a modern producer and service provider in the field of plastics technology. It produces products and components in the injection molding and extrusion. In addition the company for some years been heavily involved with the development of innovative materials. The central theme of the research and development activities is the quality-oriented use of renewable raw materials. A successful proof of this commitment is the Hiendl NFC product line.

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Sightseeing Tours In Berlin: City Tour To The Appointment

Individually discover Berlin: Berlin sightseeing tour Berlin (CER) – Berlin city sightseeing tours to the appointment organized by Berlin City tours sightseeing tours is a good way to discover the attractions of the capital. Depending on the size of the group in a comfortable coach, Panorama minibus, van or limo. Starting point of the Berlin City tour of your choice E.g. of a Berlin hotel or directly from the airport or train station. Exits, photo stops and small tours to major sights are included! Qualified, multilingual city guides on board give guests a comprehensive overview of the tourist attractions of Berlin and insight in the history and the present of the capital. Berlin overview 3-hour classic Berlin City tour in the Centre of East and West. The highlights of the capital on the classic 3-hour Berlin City tour with 2-3 exits, photo stops and small tours. The comprehensive Berlin overview 4 hours Berlin Tour of the city.

A large Berlin City tour is a comprehensive overview of all tourist attractions in the Centre of Berlin including Olympic Stadium, East Side Gallery, Karl-Marx-Allee and the Multi-Kulti Borough of Kreuzberg. Berlin day tour all Berlin sights on a tour of the city. The Berlin day trip from 9:00 to 16:00 is complemented by a lunch in a Berlin restaurant of choice. Berlin Nightseeing discover city tour in the evening – the highlights of the capital. The 2-hour Berlin Nightseeing leads city tour in the evening after 20:00 Berlin attractions by the brightly-lit Berlin’s city centre. Ideal for business people or seminar participants who not sightseeing during the day have come to Berlin. Discover combination Berlin City tour and boat trip Berlin on land and water. On this delightful and exciting Berlin City tour with cruise, you can discover all highlights of the capital city on land and water. Contact: Berlin City tours sightseeing tours Klauas Wieland Kamugisha phone: 030 / 79 74 56 00 eMail: Berlin individually discover:

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