The Influence Of New Information Technologies And Communication In Education Acts Education

ABSTRACT Information Technology and Communications Technologies (ICTs) are flooding the modern world with implications for each of the branches of today’s society. Today one can not speak of efficiency or innovation if there is no proper implementation and use of modern technology, and can ensure that today ICTs are an effective response at hand. This article first make a definition of ICT, accounting for products and processes that are part of the same. There will be also a study of the main positive and negative impacts of these new technologies in education.

The fact remains, as has been said so far, ICTs are an invaluable importance for the development of society, but all is not well, inadequacies were found as a result of poor distribution of new technologies among different sectors of society. About it in this article, as well as analyze all the positive aspects of ICT have also performed a critical analysis of the negative effects when they are used efficiently and fairly, explaining to this, the main problems or brakes that hinder their wider dissemination to all activities and social strata. INTRODUCTION is talk of a major technological development, particularly in the fields of Informatics and Telecommunications, demonstrating that this is the era with a faster evolution of all those we have known. This rapid technological development has given rise to the New Technologies of Information and Communications (NTIC or you can refer to as ICT), which are flooding the world benchmark humans, While you are helping to conquer knowledge and actions that just yesterday seemed inaccessible but, in the same way, we are conditioning and forcing adjustments and reassessments in all spheres of their existence. .

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Site Development

The average customer is not particularly versed in information technology, web development, little is know about the Internet, but it does not matter – experts web studio will explain simple and clear words what, how, and why. The problem lies elsewhere – in the stubbornness of the client, his unwillingness to listen and to accept valuable advice programmer or designer behind whose experience in designing websites. This is the same, shall we say, I know nothing about medicine, I will come to the hospital, and will teach surgeons how to do a complicated operation. Funny, is not it? But in the process of site development happens that way. The customer is sometimes asked to do this, that, in truth, in any gate not climbing. For example, a customer somewhere I saw a flash site and requests to do so on his site are also blinking, moving and shining. And then that does not fit the style and design to guide the client company. We do not mind and can do Flash sites, but they, in truth, almost not indexed (ie not detected) by search engines.

But the client still wishes that would come to the site as more visitors! That is also the wish of his client contradicts himself. In addition, the site is decorated like a Christmas tree is not a guarantee of a large number of orders, and quite the contrary … But there is another extreme – the customers do not care for site design or whether it simply wants to save on development costs of site design. In the end, gets the site – a mountain of dry and boring text. Unlikely Site visitors will want to read everything and look for among the thousands of words that he needs. Why? There are other sites where you can find the same information but in a more simple and convenient form.

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Unit Garden Paths

Landscaping or backyard garden plot necessarily includes equipment tracks. On how well they planned and carried out depends largely on appearance of the site. Among people with no experience construction, is widely believed that enough to pour on the ground slag or gravel layer of 3-5 cm and compacted, and the track is ready. However, when the first heavy rains, not to mention the spring thaw, it raskisnet and become a dirt. To avoid errors, you must adhere to certain rules. The basic requirement – a convex profile that ensures a good flow of water.

In general the slope of the track axis to the edges should be in the range of 2-3 cm per meter (Wide). The depth of the base tab track (topsoil removed) is 15-20 cm Material: construction waste (broken bricks, remnants of concrete and mortar), slag, natural rock (rock), crushed stone, gravel, dolomite. Finished track must perform a few inches above the soil surface, or grass, over the years growing, ground lift, and the track will be recessed into the ground on it will stagnate water. Sediment-path most easily done Sediment track. The work begins with the markup, then remove the soil to a depth of 15 cm, so that the bottom of the resulting cavity was convex.

Seizure and rammed her fall asleep in a large base of slag, gravel or bout brick layer 10-12 cm base watered and tamped. Then poured on top, keeping track convex profile, small slag layer 4-5 cm and also tamped. Even better, the base coat layer of waterproof clay fatty 1-2 cm thick, then pour a small and compact slag. To arrange bulk tracks raised curb is not recommended, since they degrade the drain. Sediment track of slag, gravel, building waste: a) profile extraction, and b) track from the slag: 1 – base (a large slag), 2 – cover (with small slag coarse-grained sand), and c) track from the rubble and construction waste. 1 – base dolomite bout bricks, pebbles, etc.) 2 .- moisture barrier (Heavy clay 1-2 cm), 3 – cover (gravel, fine dolomite, slag with a coarse sand). BRICK FINISH tracks with a beautiful and durable coatings are made of red brick. It is best to use red perezhzhenny brick, the so-called 'ladle', resistant to moisture. These cheap waste brick production may well be replaced by a brick-conditioned. Preparatory work for the tracks with a brick surface are the same as for Sediment from The only difference is that as a base layer of coarse sand is used in 10-12 cm sand is spread, keeping the convex profile track, and abundantly moistened with water. Then placed the bricks on the chosen scheme (see fig.). Laying of schemes 1 and 2 allows the use of half bricks and corners. Brick laying can be carried out differently (Figure 3). Laying on its side (Figure 4) can be recommended only for small volumes of work or for road sections with increased load. Brick laid in a wooden block pritrambovyvayut. Along the edges of the brick paths brick laid on edge to form a low curb. Freshly laid track should be watered abundantly water. As you can master the technology of Pavement with his own hands. But this is a topic for another article, tiling also requires compliance with technology

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The Graphs

It is reasonable to affirm that the group that if it shows favorable and with a positive image of science is lesser in remaining portion of the country. (JCOM 2 (3), 2003) the pointers demonstrate that the phrases that the intrevistados ones find that better express the science idea is: Great discoveries, Advance technician and Improvement of the life human being. The first one was (between 30% and 40%). The advance technician was in first place in Spain (59.3%), in according to place in Argentina (43%), Brazil (40%) and Uruguay (42%). The improvement of the life human being was in first place in Uruguay (49.4%) and Brazil (46.9%). In according to place in Spain (48.6%) and only a little more than one tero of the intrevistados ones in Argentina (37%).

The question; the world of science cannot be understood by common people, the graphs speaks for itself, but, we can verify the tendenciosa motivation of the author when in its reading commented of the same ones, it divulges the indicating data favorable to the phrase in Argentina (60,5) and omits the contrary percentage to the phrase in Brazil of (64.8%). Not podemor to say which region the research in Argentina was concentada, however, in Brazil we know that it was in Campinas that concentrates companies of high technology, that according to author is layer of the population that has greater access to the scientific information and of scientific spreading which, located in the 20 quarters of high and high middle class. Thus also as it happened for Brazil the pointers of Spain and Uruguay, exactly with numbers ' ' apertados' ' they disagree with that the world of science cannot be understood by common people. The question that it approaches; the government does not have to intervine in the work of the scientists, the majority, to the quatros countries, agrees to the phrase ' ' exactly that it is the government that pague' ' the pointers demonstrate agreement of (57.7%) on average.

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Osama Bin Laden

As Nohria and Eccles they argue Moreover, even so of YOU allowed communication flows can help very a dispersed net to co-ordinate activities (thus increasing its flexibility and capacity of reply), can also present a security risk. Communication on electronic canals can become a risk, a time that leaves ' ' vestgios' ' digital. It has other examples of as the electrnica information that belongs the terrorist groups fell at the hands of the responsible ones for the application of the law. In 1995, the Hamas of the Abd-al-Rahman Zaydan was imprisoned and its computer, the apprehended computer it contained a data base of information for Hamas contact that was used withholds other suspicious (Soo Hoo, Goodman, and Greenberg, 1997, P. 139). In December of 1999, 15 on terrorists the Osama Bin Laden had been imprisoned in Jordan, together with material of production of bombs, automatic weapons, and detonators radio – controlled, a record number computer had been apprehended. Analysts of Intelligence had been capable to extract information on terrorist encampments of formation in the Afeganisto ' ' In June of 2000, the 19 suspected names of had been found in the computer records recouped from a watched house of the Hezbollah.

Finally, a computer with some codified registers pertaining Aum cultured Shinrikyo was apprehended by the Japanese authorities after recouping a electrnica password (Denning and Baugh, 1997). Thus, one becomes probable that the terrorist groups will go to adoptar models that are on this side of the total on ones, all the canals nets. Hybrids of hierarchies and nets they can better reflect the costs and the benefits of a bigger dependence relative as well as others of the group of the mission. Another important factor the determination of the adoption for terrorist groups information of the operations implies the relative atractividade of high offensive technology. Beyond making possible forms of organization in net, it can also improve the retraction and analysis of terrorist intelligence, as well as information offensive operations.

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Pentagon One

The subject is of complicated resolution because, in addition, armed radio-controlled airplanes with missiles belong to the company, whereas the forces of commandos – del Army and Navy is controlled by the Pentagon. The rivalries between different organisms can make difficult the coordination, and to this the inocultable interest of the White House is added at all costs to achieve excellent success in the final months of the failed presidency of Bush. The situation worsens still more because of the increase of the terrorist activity, not only in Afghanistan, but also in Pakistan. When in past July a pump destroyed the embassy of India in Kabul, the company it suspected that the Pakistani intelligence services were implied in the fact, but also the military High Commands of this country, including the head of the Army. In geopolitical terms, supposition is not ventured that the main people in charge of the Pakistani security lean in the insurgent groups of the zone to conserve their power, being maintained therefore a buffer zone in front of India and Afghanistan. But one is a game of high strategy that can have very serious consequences. Mainly, if one faces the dangerous present strategy of NATO to take his center of gravity towards the East and to conserve his military presence in the borders with China and Iran.

It is not known what steps will on the matter adopt the new renter of the White House as of year 2009. Than ever, it is made necessary more that the United States and NATO draws up a clear plan of exit of Afghanistan. And that plan is complemented with a negotiated solution of stability in this critical zone, solution to which cannot be other people’s other countries like Russia, India, Iran and Pakistan. Because unique the certain thing until today is that as much NATO as the United States has failed fully in their violent and militarized irruption in this region after the terrorist attacks of the 11 of September of the 2001. This frustrated model is the unique one that is not right already to maintain itself.

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Performance Wood Splitters

One of the deciding factors when choosing a woodpile machine is its performance. How is it determined? I propose the following method of calculation: Process technology of manufacturing of wood in the stand consists of stages. Log served on the conveyor belt, and rides on it in the direction of the saw, then saw off. Falls under the block of wood splitting cylinder and splits. And while the split of one piece is already in progress drank next. Work on machine is, in fact, the maquila sector.

For the calculation of productivity is possible to use the calculation methods used for in-line production. Mass production is coming one after another teh.operatsy. Time per operation is equal time to the next blank pass through each operation within a strictly defined period of time. In the machine for chopping firewood following cycles: Cycle 1. Feed logs to the saw, took a blank, blank slide to the cylinder. Cycle 2.

Split billet during the forward run of the cylinder, the cylinder returns to its original position. After cycle 2, we get ready firewood. The calculation is performed as follows way: Select the length and diameter logs, performance which need to know. With the help of determined the amount of wood in a given log. Selects the required length block of wood. On the basis of a given length determined by the number of cycles for processing of logs. The running time of one cycle is determined by the time required for processing a log. Calculated theoretically possible performance. Multiplying theoretical performance of the correction factor, we get a real performance machine. When calculating the performance into account the following factors: – Diameter (cubic) timber. – The length of the block of wood. Defines required number of cuts on a log. – The length of the original logs. Determines the number of cuts on a single log. In principle, its role is minimal. Calculation of Performance gidrokoluna Palax Power 100s. As an example, consider performance on the beam diameter of 35 cm obtained have a length of wood 35 cm Feedstock – log length of 3.5 m. The volume of logs according kubaturniku (ISO 4480-83) is 0.371 m3. This beam is split into 10 pieces. For simplicity, we take them equal to the volume. Accordingly, the volume of each will be 0.0371 m3. One cycle at this log diameter is 10.4 sec. Taking into account the correction factor productivity at the current diameter of the timber and the length of the block of wood was 7.73 m3. It is clear that all factors to consider unrealistic. Remain unaccounted for following factors: the downtime of the machine in between the logs, use / non-use of automatic adjustment speed of the cylinder, the installation logs on conveyor belt, the time spent on the correction curves of the logs, the reaction time of the operator and others. In this regard, and introduce a correction factor, determined empirically. Satisfy the performance measurement and comparison with theoretical values Measurements were carried out under the following conditions: length of the log of 6 meters, the length of the block of wood 35 cm, the average diameter of 35 cm on the practice performance amounted to 8.5 m3. Deviation between the calculated and the practical value was 10%. The above technique allows one to solve the actual problem when choosing a Wood splitters. Namely: knowing its resource base, identify suitable machine that can handle the necessary workload. Talk to us – and we'll help you find the machine that will handle your needs.

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Sustainable Development

Carlos Mora Vanegas spirit gives meaning to his life, and the possibility of their largest development. But life is essence to the spirit, since its truth is nothing if it cannot live.Carl Jung is necessary for any country having plans, programs and actions that guarantee a sustainable development that favours you, especially for those who live in it, where really enjoys within the life time who bequeathed to each person, ensure a quality of ideal life. Taking into account what is said, that: the rationale for sustainable development comes both from having limited natural resources (mineral nutrients in the soil, drinking water, etc.), susceptible to exhaustion, as from the fact that a growing economic activity without more discretion which economically produces, both at local and global level, serious environmental problems that can become irreversible unfortunately Venezuela has failed adequately exploit natural wealth has and this is reflected in its reality, where the misery, poverty, backwardness in many topics is a fact, by way of example, health, education, housing, poverty. It gives us that sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This definition was first used in 1987 in the world the Environment Committee of the United Nations, created in 1983. However, the topic of the environment has a more distant history. In this regard, the United Nations have been pioneers to treat the subject, focusing initially on the study and utilization of natural resources and the fight because countries especially those in development – exercising control over their own natural resources.

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