Carpathian Mountains

In order to enjoy summer vacation does not necessarily wait for the summer. Winter vacation can be also very exciting, with the main select the correct direction. Most often, winter tours associated with recreation in mountains. What could be better than the mountains in winter. Enjoy the downhill with the highest peaks, to feel the atmosphere of the mountains or simply a breath of fresh air.

More and more Moldovans prefer to vacation in the mountains of the Carpathians. Each year they rush to the neighboring countries of Romania and Ukraine. This is due to geographical proximity of Moldova with these countries. Rest in Carpathians – is one of the best rest in the winter. To describe the holiday in the mountains is almost impossible, to convey the whole spirit of fairy-tale winter mountains, you need to go there. Enjoy exclusive scents of the forest. The mountains in winter – have in them something charming and alluring, having visited at least once, I want to come back again and again to gain strength from the majestic mountains, from the pure frosty air, and old trees! If you plan to spend your vacation in the Carpathian Mountains, then you certainly will not regret it.

If you are tired bustle of the metropolis and a bad environment, you necessarily need to go to the mountains. Particularly well in the Carpathian Mountains in the winter holidays. Rest on New Year's or Christmas will leave a lasting impression on the holiday and the atmosphere this winter. There will be comfortable and to those who love peace and quiet, fresh air and the silence of the mountains, and fans of extreme and outdoor activities. People come here for the vivacity and positive to forget bustle of city life, with a head dive into the maelstrom of emotions and vivid unforgettable experience.

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Lyon France

The PI-rail, a horizontal Carrier that visually resembles the Greek letter PI, provides the necessary stability and span two techniques. Thanks to the high degree of pre-Assembly, the Installer saves significantly in terms of installation time and costs. This is reinforced by the lower cost of the piling operation, as the Sigma I XL with only a ramming pole. The plant operator has more advantages, because the maintenance of lawn care is considerably reduced due to the reduced number of posts. Images: outdoor mounting system Sigma I XL about mounting systems GmbH mounting systems GmbH is one of the largest international producers of frame in the field of solar energy.

With 20 years experience in the market, the company is one of the most experienced manufacturers of frames and module frames for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Today’s mounting systems GmbH was founded in 1993 in Dahlewitz/Berlin. In September 2008, the company began operating as an independent company and since then automatically distributes its products to the market. Today, the mounting systems go by Brandenburg out into the whole world. 2010 opened mounting system a representation office in Lyon France, and started the construction of its own production in West Sacramento, United States 2011. Since March, 2012, an additional representation office in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom available is the customers.

The Industrie – und Handelskammer Potsdam has awarded for their achievements the mounting system in October 2010 with the CAI the company of industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Potsdam in the category growth. In 2007 the Germanischer Lloyd certified the site in Rangsdorf near Berlin according to ISO 9001. Around 250 employees now work 17,000 m of large production and storage area on the.

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The best way to drive a versatile Weiterstadt, 17.07.2012: The new SEAT Leon is a strong and emotional personality. He is the best way to drive a versatile and practical car. The newly developed Leon is packed with high-end technologies the assistance systems, the infotainment, the chassis and the drive. The motors combine powerful dynamics with exemplary efficiency. The use of the optional full LED headlamps is a pioneering work of SEAT, it makes available for the first time this technology in the segment. The LED headlamps combine precise design with superior luminous efficiency. The new Leon compresses all strengths of the brand SEAT in unprecedented ways.

He is a car with a sporty character and diverse strengths, he brings quality and technologies of the upper class in the compact segment. The Leon is a crucial step in the brand and growth strategy by SEAT. He starts in the autumn of this year as a five-door hatchback and later grows with more versions to a whole family approach”, says James Muir, the Chairman of the Board of the SEAT S.A. The new Leon also convinces by its high commercial value. With more compact dimensions, it provides more usable interior space, the high-quality materials and perfect workmanship bring the Leon in the top field of the competition.

Each engine is the class among the best in terms of efficiency and emissions. Highlight here is the Leon 1.6 TDI with start-stop system. He comes on a standard consumption of just 3.7 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 value of only 99 grams. The Leon is a completely new car, and opens a new chapter for the brand SEAT. He combines the dynamic new design language of SEAT with the latest technology.

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VAL IT Value

Ardour study: The high dynamics of change in the companies complicates the value analyses monetary reviews of major IT investments are mostly too complex for the value analysis Darmstadt/Seeheim-Jugenheim, 08.03.2012 – although the determination of the value proposition becomes increasingly important before IT investments for the company, but the change dynamics of the company makes the value management with considerable challenges. This determined a study of ardour consulting. The most commonly used techniques in the analysis include the return on investment calculation (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) approach. The method works, VAL IT by the ISACA at the company enjoys the greatest acceptance. The value management aims to determine cause effect chains within medium to large IT investment decisions, to monetize the planned changes, and to differentiate in costs and benefits.

Actioned in the consequence that IT in their structures and effectiveness is significantly more transparent and the prerequisites for a practical IT value management must create. Its core task is to identify the correlations between measures or projects and their procedural, architectural and other effects to identified stakeholders and to represent in value propositions”, describes ardour Manager Tony Pfeiffer. In practice this involves but still significant difficulties. Significant problems are rooted in the ardour study about, that is the company organisationally, technically and in terms of control and decision-making structures (neu: governance) continuously change. Thus the results of the analysis of the value be undermined according to by more than two-thirds of respondents subsequently, because assumptions do not occur or unplanned changes of in framework conditions neutralize the value contributions (i.e. use) or run at all on the contrary. This is not the only challenge facing those responsible in the management of value, is the part of the project portfolio management, are. Another essential factor is that the monetary reviews of major IT investments usually too complex (= complicated + high dynamics of change) are.

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Combustion Technology

Seminar on fundamentals, practical applications, pollutants, measurement technology, biomass, engines and safety of combustion technology (combustion) use combustion processes almost all industries. Combustion provides us with 85% of energy, E.g. for heating, transport and goods production. Additional relevance contains the theme by the pollutants, energy efficiency, depletion of fossil fuels, biomass, and global warming. The speaker of the seminar compact knowledge of combustion technology”is the author of 5-volume reference works, as well as a compact textbook on incineration. He introduces the participants of this seminar didactic and technical competence in the width of the theme of combustion.

Dipl.-ing. Dr. techn. Habil. Maximilian Lackner MBA is an internationally recognized expert in the field of combustion. The seminar provides understanding of the basics of combustion, the consideration important aspects such as pollutants, measurement technology, biomass, motors, safety, energy efficiency and practical applications and new technologies. The benefits for participants: General introduction to the area, understanding the basics and a good overview. The seminar participants will receive, in addition to the seminar materials, an edition of the textbook of the author and seminar leader combustion”(Combusiton – from basics to applications; Wiley VCH, 2013).

This seminar is aimed at technicians and engineers dealing with combustion in the energy, oil & gas, technology, wood, steel, glass, ceramics, cement, engineering, environmental technology, automotive industry, aviation. As well as to practitioners who deal with combustion, fire, pollutants, pollution, heat or energy.

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Cadbury Energy

Cadbury factory reduces energy consumption and operating costs for new dehumidification technology a chewing gum factory of power subsidiary of Cadbury Adams has the company reported by realized a new dehumidification system compared to conventional systems, their energy consumption by no less than 60 percent and operating costs by an extraordinary 50 percent. Initially, Cadbury-Adams, tried to preserve these conditions by using the installed sorption wheel, but the wheel tended to emit heat, where the procedures needed substantial additional cooling. Under the strict production conditions and the high outdoor humidity and temperatures, the sorption rotors had to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. For these reasons, a dehumidification system was replaced according to the principle of the sorption rotor by a so-called ADVANTIX system, which operates on the principle of liquid desiccant. Chewing gum production requires a strict control of humidity and temperature conditions. The chewing gum production is a multi-step process, where each one different temperature and humidity required. With the installation of the Israeli ADVANTIX system, the chewing gum manufacturer in the location was annually 300,000 KW, corresponding to 60 percent, to save on energy costs.

The cost for the setting up of the system were 11 percent lower than for equipment with the sorption rotor, a return on investment (ROI) of 2.3 years and reduced operating expenses, so most effectively. The company reduced its maintenance costs and thus again inexpensively produced an excellent and popular product. ADVANTIX systems are used worldwide. These systems are based on a liquid dry system on the physical basis of the water in the dead sea. The system uses a non-toxic salt solution of water for the dehumidifying and air cleaning, which largely eliminates bacteria, micro-organisms and odors. There is a procedure to the cooling and dehumidification of air, which is based on the use of a hygroscopic, saturated solution of lithium chloride. The solution acts as a Sorbents used honeycomb structures of the air to be dried. The desorption of the solution is done in a separate process, which is operated with via heat pumps of heated Sekundarluft (E.g.

outdoor air, exhaust air, etc.). The solvent circulation is self-contained and requires no additional media with the exception of electrical energy. The ADVANTIX program consists of 3 different variants, the a) working alone on a current basis, b) as and/or in addition based on renewable energies, such as PV, heat, etc. and c) only on renewable energy. Thus, ADVANTIX is an interesting variation in the area of decentralized cooling and dehumidification of sorption wheels cannot be used. This applies in particular, because it is a stand-alone system, which bypasses the problem of condensate removal. But also in the area of the central air conditioning applications are possible especially due to the high COP values. ADVANTIX systems is a leading manufacturer of air conditioners and dehumidifiers, the very high Energy savings in commercial and industrial applications. As a pioneer in the use of liquid desiccant, ADVANTIX provides powerful air conditioners and dehumidification systems with cooling, control of humidity, significant energy savings and clean air free from allergens, bacteria and mold. With competitive investment costs for new and retrofit applications, ADVANTIX offers compelling economic efficiency, better performance, and an improved environmental performance.

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Kuppersbusch Technology

KCI occupied in the reader ranking 2nd KCI touching the electronic control of device easy cooking in the kitchen it was efficiency and productivity is the A and o in the hotel during the preparation of the dinner for several hundred guests, or in the cafeteria of a University at noon. If time is short, it arrives at the food preparation on each handle. It is all the more important for all members of the kitchen team, if they can trust in their daily work on a perfect technique, which simplifies not only the cooking and preparing them but the entire organization. A technique, as it brings in the new KCI Touchpanel kuppersbusch. KuppersbuschCookingIntelligence an innovation with the cooking processes off immediately by simple tapping with the finger rules allow. The time savings starts with an introduction to the new KCI Panel: all functions are represented by icons in the image and agree by themselves. So the users at your fingertips can directly select four different cooking temperatures.

These are pre-set at the factory, can be programmed but also individually and then always obtained. Very important here: During the cooking process, the cooking is permanently informed about the current set and actual temperature. For the cooking time are pre-set default values, can be entered as well as desire. The activated cooking time has expired during the preparation, is a Visual and audible signal. If the desired result is not yet reached, the chef about the cooking function simply chooses an after cooking.

A technique and philosophy for all processes the large color display of the KCI touch panel boasts an excellent clarity and high contrast appearance. From a distance, the chef recognizes the most important information about the current cooking process at a glance. The operating philosophy is the same for all devices and processes and intuitive very greatly simplifies the work also temporary.

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