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Third edition of Kids Fun Ideas Fair in Madrid. Learn English is Kids Fun Ideas. For the third consecutive year Kids Fun Ideas Fair gets underway, an idea that was born from the hand of Paloma Irving and who announced through his website:; a pioneering initiative and has embedded with the philosophy of families, fathers and mothers who are looking for the development of their children in a fun and intuitive way. Learn English playing is already a reality, and as it has been demonstrated in previous editions; uniting professionals, parents and children becomes a unique experience. We all know the importance of languages, why new believes in an early initiation in children’s learning, start playing in English, for example, does the child to grow up with the language and understand naturally. Languages, painting, bookstores with storytelling workshops, teacher infinite possibilities will meet on March 6. The fair is organized in collaboration with, that He has a tanned background in the materialization of such events, they will the magic so that deployment and the media to fit perfectly. All companies attending this Conference will work under a common denominator; give real solutions for the formation and development of children. The day will be retransmitted through Radiosol and his program DIVERCLUB, a weekly program that children listen to before and after school; There they hear stories and games, but also get involved through its web sending greetings to friends, family and teachers on this occasion, you can learn its protagonists. Also noteworthy is the technology that has been used to communicate the event; It’s a new advertising format integrated into the environment and making sure our internet browsing is free of invasions or uncomfortable banners, HYPERSPOTS offers us a communication to the letter, in which we choose what we want to tell us by clicking on that element of the communication that We are interested.

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Carlos Tirado

Witches calls were real victims burned in squares public by disseminating its knowledge. They were not enough the fires to extinguish them, witches and Warlocks have been reproduced and faced with the threat that represents his freedom, more sophisticated and hidden fires take place today. And to prevent censorship there is self-censorship, the fear of free speech for fear of being punished or killed (as in the case of journalists who play uncomfortable topics for people with power). At the bottom of these repressive acts gives a legitimate influence to the disclosure of the information; the word of the rebels is a risk that should be avoided. The Act of suppressing ampara in the fear felt by the provocation of doubt, questioning and debate of ideas.The information revolution that is taking place in the interactive network is particularly transcendental by this background. There are 10 million blogs created until the end of 2004 that emerged with the expansion and use of internet need to communicate users that discovered the window to the world at their fingertips in technology. In a single site, the world of blogs, there are 31 490 registered and include all parts of the world including Africa.

Blogs (short for weblog) dating from 1992. They are blogs Carlos Tirado said in 1999. Virtual personal spaces where the person writes to express themselves, share and discuss about what interests you. A blog is a journal that everyone can read. Newspapers belong to activists, who speak of their lifestyles and their subculture, who upload photographs or collecting poetry. But we must also about friendship, of philosophy and religion and any topic you can imagine.

There are implied in this wave of new informants, legitimate needs to be heard, share and express what is important to each a @, from photographs until the results of relevant research to humanity.The ability to link with a without number of people is a good news that gives voice to those who have access to a computer to prevailing political or geographical isolation. It means the beginning of a stage characterized also by the free association of persons who communicate to then build your world without cost of the market. the aim? Trace written on the internet. I think there are still who leave a positive, real, constructive comment, says Raul, Spanish author of a blog. Wikipedia, mention a community blog, is an encyclopedia on the net made by users of more than a hundred languages where each participant can add or modify the concepts. The information is the beginning of another stage of democratic universality where crash known institutions. In these public spaces is not worth the money nor the status of power. Not necessarily scholars who write and say about any topic they wish without fear. Its space is democratic, free of discrimination, the virtual paradise that seek to raise their voice without guarantees. Earn the credibility his personal relationship with the published information. Finally we can express our ideas without being censored, repressed and punished.

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