The ProviMedia GmbH goes online with a new page. A new claim, detailed product descriptions and a clearly arranged layout to determine the new appearance of the revised Web page The navigation consists of seven menu items, which describe in detail the Agency itself, as well as the services of ProviMedia GmbH. The ProviMedia GmbH with the ability to download product sheets and a blog, which is updated regularly with news offers more services. The Agency headquartered in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Baden-Wurttemberg exists since 2007 the company is run by the two shareholders Alexander Weipprecht and Dr. Karsten Bredemeier. Alexander Weipprecht operates for several years a webhosting service and advises numerous companies in the areas of online marketing, search engine optimization and planning of Web pages.

Dr. Karsten Bredemeier working trainer for managers and politicians in the German-speaking world since 1990 as rhetoric. He was also managing Shareholders of a large consultancy. The product range of the ProviMedia GmbH includes reputation management, which focuses on the optimisation of online reputation based on a specially developed evaluation system, also the programming of intra – and extranet solutions. 2.0 standards and the development of portal technologies and new distribution models include the advisory activities, the integration of web to the services provided by the Agency. Previous projects include among others the bonus and profit game portal Proviquest and the online marketer Proviads. As the search engine for communities named and the Agency wiki the already implemented concepts.