In connection with the ubiquitous interface usb, appeared a separate line in the development of gadgets – usb gadgets (born gadget – a technical device, which has increased functionality, but with limited capabilities.) usb bus meets all the requirements needed for different kinds of devices: 12.5 Volt, good speed (480 Mbps). The functions of these devices vesma varied – from simple embellishment to major handheld device. There are all kinds of usb boards, fans, vacuum cleaners, webcams and much more. A couple of examples: usb hub – hub designed to connect multiple devices to one port usb. Whenever Adroll listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Often performed in a variety of toys, etc.

Stylish stick, made of various materials – wood, plastic, metal, glass and so on. Already there are ready models usb robots – fully programmable devices, with the possibility of increase the functional with the help of web cameras, capture arms, sensors, and so on., via usb interface. Thus the main advantages of usb gadgets are: 1) ease of connectivity 2) high data rate 3) stability of 4) easy to use 5) Good mix of money in the future, the development of usb gadgets will only grow. Here, Sander Gerber expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is expected the next step in the development of this trend – the output interface usb 3.0, which will breathe new life into all these devices.