Positive and negative experiences can occur at every touch point. So, a single negative event to a contact point for the customer may lead to immediate termination of the business relationship. So one will maintain such in the long term, the sum of the positive experiences must outweigh. However the various units deal with many companies always have more or less uncoordinated customers. It’s called silo think ‘. The customer, however, a company always considered a wholeness. He expects a perfect performance from everyone, because it does not distinguish between indoor and field or head, and trainees. technology investor spoke with conviction. When even a single employee has dropped, it can learn the whole world nowadays.

Gebloggter, getwitterter, or familiar the opinion portals resentment reached the general public today as a wildfire and grateful absorbed by the sensation-hungry media. The customer Touchpoint management that identifies customer touchpoint management co-ordination of all measures which serve to provide an excellent, reliable and trustworthy experience the customers at every point of contact, without the process efficiency of the eye to lose. Target is constantly optimizing of the customer experience at each contact point to strengthen existing customer relationships and to effect positive word of mouth. States, to save the customer frustrations – and to provide moments of enthusiasm about the satisfaction status also. The intensive discussion with any individual touchpoint not only leads to increased customer loyalty, she uncovered internal efficiency reserves, she eventually leads to higher yields for the optimization of resources, and cost and time savings. Through prioritization of income key touch points, for example, funds can be redirected away to purely technological solutions to dialogical and loyalty-effective interactions.

The task is Finally, on the points of contact to focus, which create a brand-typical experience, as well as customer loyalty, most enduringly strengthen recommendation readiness and competitiveness. How to proceed in detail and how the management of point of customer contact step by step works, in part, find two to five. Part 2: Series: the customer touch point management (part 2) the audiobook Edition titled Anne M. Schuller: the customer is the real boss. 5 x 25 success recipe for a perfect customer management in companies of tomorrow 5 audio CDs with 352 minutes, price: 89 per 133 CHF Publisher: BREUER & WARDIN GmbH, October 2010 more info and order: rw_e13v /… The author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. The diploma in business administration and best selling author is one of the ten best speakers in German-speaking countries (conga award 2010). You also works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. Managementbuch.de is one of the important management thinkers. She pulse lectures and performs power workshops to the customer touch point management. The elite of the business among their customers. Contact: 25.01.2011 Anne M. Schuller