Needs to protect us from the effects of the ray is obvious, but there are some that are more priority than others, such as protect essential prevention, protection and public safety services. In this sense the facilities of telecommunications, centres of production and distribution of energy, hospitals, warehouses and distribution of fuel, airports, radar air denial, control tower, air navigation, electrical plants, military radars, firemen, civil protection, police, army and Governments among others, are essential services that cannot afford the luxury of staying out of service when they need it more. Not only is sufficient coordination of emergency services at critical moments in case of catastrophe, or a redundant protection of the same, if not, that we must be more demanding and prevent all possibilities of risk. In this case, the beam is one of the possible risks that can be represented in a single day and paralyze all Spain and this risk can appear 45,000 times a day according to the system of remote sensing of beams of AEMET, or 750,000 times a year in France, according to the remote sensing of rays of Meteorage (INMF) system. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Thiel, another great source of information. A single Ray impact of 100,000 amps in a lightning rod on tip that protects some service critics, can paralyze an entire country for a perfect storm or even part of Europe or the world if the beam is greater than 200,000 amps.

The effects of lightning, are multiple, it can affect essential navigation, control or monitoring of air navigation technical equipment or technological services. Taken out of service essential services in midst of crisis, is not the most opportune and not docketed, if these essential services will stop working when most we need it, chaos can be unpredictable, irreversible and catastrophic. We only have to look days ago, airports stopped by snow, a simple meteorological phenomenon which paralyses an entire country, as it is possible that essential services are not guaranteed?.