In the environment it has a mechanism of constant Inter-relationship, and a broken time this mechanism, in such a way suffers to the Planet how much the ones that in it inhabit. The pollution is a constant in our days and our water sources candy. On behalf of the progress the man acts without any conscience or escrpulos. The poverty and the wealth poluem, being second of more implacable and terrible form. The effect are marcantes. For more information see this site: Startapp. The humanity although already to be in century XXI, with an extremely refined technology, she possesss around one tero of the inhabitants of the Planet without access to drinking waters. International laws, Regulations, Conventions are part of this universe of attempts of if minimizing the actual damages for the men to the environment.

The legal recognition of the right that to the man belongs, will have to make with that it can really enjoy of the way where lives and of the quota that fits to it of water as to be integrant of all this biota. One knows that, of all males ambient, the contamination of waters is the one that presents Conscience of the Universe solid, liquid and gaseous the relatively next temperatures, latent heats of very high change of phase, as well as very strong calrica capacity, that confers it a main paper in regards to the stability of the temperature of the Planet and to the climatic phenomena. Therefore, to use the hdricos resources of disordered form not only affects> water candy, as well as the oceans, the climate, the ground and subsolos, the continents, at last, the whole world. One knows that the waters cover three rooms of the surface of the Land, however more than 97% of the water of the planet are salty and less than 3% it is candy. Of this, 77% are congealed in the polar circles, 22% are composed in underground waters and the small remaining fraction meets in the lakes, rivers, plants and animals.