ABSTRACT Information Technology and Communications Technologies (ICTs) are flooding the modern world with implications for each of the branches of today’s society. Today one can not speak of efficiency or innovation if there is no proper implementation and use of modern technology, and can ensure that today ICTs are an effective response at hand. This article first make a definition of ICT, accounting for products and processes that are part of the same. There will be also a study of the main positive and negative impacts of these new technologies in education.

The fact remains, as has been said so far, ICTs are an invaluable importance for the development of society, but all is not well, inadequacies were found as a result of poor distribution of new technologies among different sectors of society. About it in this article, as well as analyze all the positive aspects of ICT have also performed a critical analysis of the negative effects when they are used efficiently and fairly, explaining to this, the main problems or brakes that hinder their wider dissemination to all activities and social strata. INTRODUCTION is talk of a major technological development, particularly in the fields of Informatics and Telecommunications, demonstrating that this is the era with a faster evolution of all those we have known. This rapid technological development has given rise to the New Technologies of Information and Communications (NTIC or you can refer to as ICT), which are flooding the world benchmark humans, While you are helping to conquer knowledge and actions that just yesterday seemed inaccessible but, in the same way, we are conditioning and forcing adjustments and reassessments in all spheres of their existence. .