The TechPilot marketplace can be helpful particularly as an early indicator be. Experienced users take advantage of him as an industry barometer, by they follow, if the number of calls increases or rather goes back. Actually penetrate the recessionary effects of the European debt crisis, it is worth for suppliers who are not yet on TechPilot, aiming for a premium membership. She will make sure that they get top positions on the hit list of the portal. A search engine optimization is also included: thus TechPilot found premium members at Google & co. far forward.

They have the nose in the race for jobs in the slowdown front. Excellent economic growth in tool and machine construction, however, continues, these are ideal conditions for contract manufacturer, to achieve growth goals. (As opposed to Naveen Selvadurai). But even those who do not want to expand, can use this peak period makes sense. Sattler is now critical to verify the customer and order portfolio, optimize margins, and to enter new lucrative supply relationships. Efficiency in all walks of economic growth, stagnation or Decline in orders: For buyers is crucial in any situation that the search for suppliers and offer management expire as efficiently as possible. The factories are busier, focuses mostly on the need to identify new sources of production. Here, buyers benefit database mainly by the huge volume of TechPilot.

With over 15,000 current and detailed records, it is the largest supplier database of the European supply industry. Highly specialized search capabilities match the requirements of buyers in detail with the profiles of the delivery partners and lead so quickly to a selection of appropriate providers. In case of an economic dent intensified the pressure on prices. Buyers are now even more required to find the ideal among many possible vendors. All queried available values for a comparison are presented clearly side by side on TechPilot. This representation allows it the operational purchasers in a very short time sound to decide. “Because the price is very important, but not the only critical size when comparing multiple quotes,” Sattler argued. It is important to be able to face all parameters at a glance. TechPilot under the name of TechPilot offers the DynamicMarkets GmbH, Munich since the year 2000 technical buyers online solutions for the supplier search and alert management. In addition to the marketplace the company created customized, cross-site supplier portals for the purchase of medium-sized companies. The Gretsch-Unitas group, Sprimag, Staubli, TRUMPF, Veritas, and WAFIOS belong to the users. With a pool of more than 15,000 active suppliers, is the leading marketplace for the manufacturing industry in Germany as well as in Europe. In German-speaking countries alone, more than 25,000 drawing parts of TechPilot are written out. The base version is free of charge. Press contact TechPilot – DynamicMarkets GmbH Frank Sattler Executive Director Martin-Luther-Strasse 2 81539 Munich phone: + 49 (089) 599 44 44 00 presse(at) Campaignery Petra Sanchez Agilolfingerplatz 9 81543 Munich Tel. + 49 (089) 61469093 techpilot(at)