Technology And Competitiveness

Those that depend on the technological development such as aerospace, advanced electronics and software. Competitiveness in these industries depends on people with a high level of education and training, a lawsuit demanding the presence of related technologies and business strategies based on research. It indicates, in general, the more advanced technology, or the shorter the product life cycle, the more important to have favorable conditions in all determinants. In industries that are at a late stage of product life cycle, demand can be equally demanding in a number of countries and the technology is often widely available. Under these conditions, the advantages of a subset of the determinants can produce success in international competition. In other industries, like mining or natural resources, a single decisive "factor conditions" is decisive. For example, says that Saudi Arabia exports oil because it has such appeal, not because it has favorable demand conditions, related and supporting industries, strategies, structures or rivalry of their businesses. Management must know that the relative importance of different determinants in an industry depends on the drivers of competitive success in it.

It is wrong to assume that the mix of determinants required for success at international level is the same for all industries. In fact, the country or countries having a critical mass of conditions in the determinants that are most important to this industry, will have an advantage over other countries. It is also wrong to conclude that all have advantages in determining the situation is most appropriate and sustainable. Holding a national advantage in a particular industry depends on the nature of competition in the industry, how these benefits relate to both determinants and how they change over time. One advantage in a single determinant (for example, a specific natural resource) could be more sustainable than temporary advantages in several of them. To all this must be added other factors which management must be prepared according to the characteristics of national and international stages as economic reality, its stability, its low, its determinants crisis affecting financial life company, in addition to affecting the behavior of consumers in relation to the adquisisicon of products. The new economic openings, alliances, Conventions and all that it generates on behalf of the possibilities of entering new markets, such as protecting those already conquered.

Shares of competitiveness with the raid on the domestic market and the competitive advantages of products and services they offer. The incidence of political behavior, state intervention in the operation of the company and its impact on organizational behavior. The risk, uncertainty that is generated, with the means the state takes in relation to the participation of enterprises in their economic programs. Given this reality, born a serious, well-defined, where the national universities, especially their business schools at undergraduate and postgraduate, should redesign a new administrator profile and provide the knowledge necessary to make our case to Venezuelan management not only interpret the features of the current scenarios, but be prepared to address them, get their profits, they successfully penetrate.