The renewable energy industry continues to grow the industry around renewable energy proves to be as a job engine for the technical sector. In 2009, about 340,000 in this area worked according to the Association of German engineers. The number of vacancies rose already in the previous year to 46%. Germany is one the world to export champions and without doubt the most innovative countries. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Naveen Selvadurai and gain more knowledge.. Technically flawless translations are needed to put the products in the target countries. Technical translations are more in demand than ever. B2B translation agency specializes in technical translations translations from Bruggen, and specialized software localization and can only confirm that steadily increasing demand for translations for the biogas sector, as well as translations for hydroelectric, wind and solar plants.

We have equipped us for the growing market “, explains engineer of Alexander Jacobs” and owner of B2B translations. Around 1200 professional translators, including more than 700 technical translators, working on a freelance basis as a master translator for the translation agency. Training and continuous quality control, B2B increases the quality and performance of your translators translations. Nothing should be left to chance, so the Executive Board. Not only the field of renewable energies is growing rapidly, the machine construction has to recover from his descent. Even the automobile industry, which was poorly represented in recent times, recovering from its descent and owes this amongst the increasing innovation in the field of plastics technology. Also here is research on environmentally friendly Aldi. Increasing demand in the Asian market for cars up to 5,000.

Plastics have replaced traditional long expensive materials. Also in the area of premium vehicles, plastics are employed like a combination with other materials. The new plastic materials are today high-quality than pure aluminium. Especially the technical properties of carbon fiber reinforced Plastics can absorb it with aluminum and steel. Visitors of the K 2010 could get an idea in Dusseldorf by the innovative new products. Conclusion: German companies boast eco-friendly innovations and bring slowly but surely out of the economic crisis. B2B translation e. K. Aynur Jacobs