Routes, connections and distribution of the twelve main meridians.The binding connection between the twelve meridians principalesLos three hand Yin meridians are based on chest and run until the end of the fingers where found with three hand Yang meridians.The three hand Yang meridians depart from the tip of fingers and ascend to the head where are with three foot Yang meridians.Three foot Yang meridians come out from head and lowered to toes of the foot where the three foot Yin meridians feet are.The three foot Yin meridians depart from the toes and climb either up to the abdomen or the chest where join with three hand Yin meridians, thus forming a closed Yin-Yang circle.We already saw that the three hand Yang meridians just on the head, from where depart three foot Yang meridians.This reflects the old saying that the head is the union of all the Yang meridians. Routes and distribution of the twelve meridians regularesLos three Yin meridians are distributed along the medial of each of the limbs, face while the three Yang meridians run along side faces.Taiyin and Yangming meridians stretches along the front half of the extremities and Shaoyin and Taiyang meridians go along the rear half, Shaoyang and Jueyin meridians are deployed in the environment.

At the level of the head, Yangming meridians are distributed on the face and forehead, Taiyang Meridian on the cheeks and on the top and rear, and Shaoyang meridians on the sides.At the level of the trunk, three hand Yang meridians pass by the shoulders and the region scapular distributed between the three foot Yang meridians. Adroll Marketing Platform understands that this is vital information. In turn, the latter are deployed follows: the foot Yangming crosses the front (chest and abdomen), the Taiyang in the back, and the Shaoyang by lateral side. Three hand Yin meridians are based all of the armpits, and the three foot Yin meridians pass or by abdominal or thoracic region, where the meridians are deployed longitudinally from the zone average to the side in the following order: foot-Shaoyin, foot Yangming, foot Taiyin, and foot-Jueyin.. Under most conditions Michelle Smith Source Financial would agree.