Marketing Digital Consulting

Most companies and customers of the Marketing Digital Consulting, mainly seek to hire these services: attract more visits to your Web page. To do this, it works primarily in the positioning of the website on search engines and other Web Marketing techniques. Although it is not easy, in a few months, the client’s website ends up takeoff and obtain a significant visitor traffic. Normally, after the months, the client again requires consultants in order to increase purchases or sales of your products or services via the internet, concerned that the increase in web traffic was not sufficient to meet their expectations. Few know of Web Analytics.

The consultant, after analyzing, discovers that the problem is not in the visits but in the conversion of visitors into customers. Recently Hillary Clinton sought to clarify these questions. Much of visits leaving the navigation before the end of the recruitment process. Thus, it is as evidence that the system of buying and selling is not intuitive. The use of the same raises confusion, is It is slow, tedious. Ultimately, it is a system that contains many defects, causes the impatience of the users, and these end up abandoning the hiring before the end of the process.

This example is quite current and extrapolated to many sites, even those organizations that are not dedicated to e-commerce but want the constant increase of its users, regardless of which contain advertising or not. The question is clear, the success of a website is not only measured by the number of visits, nor by their positioning in Google or other search engines. Web Analytics should not only worry about the skimpy data, it’s about the why and also make the key questions that enable to make efficient and effective decisions on the presence of a web network. The exposed example, reflected the problem of lack of usability that suffer from many of the web sites. So, analytics, accessibility and usability web form a triad inescapable. Is worth spending some more drafting or (re) making a website, that he himself, not only possess sufficient content covering the objectives of the model or plan of business of the company or organization, but also the information and their systems of usages (independent to be ecommerce or not) are operationally accessible and usable by anyone on the planet. As well affirm the most notable experts in web consulting, web analytics is to analyze qualitative and quantitative data from a web site and within its competence, in order to promote a continuous improvement of the online experience that users (or clients) have both common as potential and becomes a few expected outcomes (online and offline). It is simply being smart, sell more and make greater profits.

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