Air Circulation Systems

– Air circulation system removes dust and odors. 7. In the driver's cab installed high-capacity storage compartment, the tank car compartments for small items exceeds the trucks from other manufacturers in China. Standard equipment includes a refrigerator. 8. Soundproofing independent Chinese development, it has been subjected to numerous tests. Financial technology may help you with your research. As a result, reached the world level.

Noticeably reduced the noise level, it makes the atmosphere for the driver and passengers more comfortable. Ergonomics current world level has been reached on the following parameters. 1. Ergonomics truck HOWO independent Chinese development meets world standards and the following parameters: – control water temperature and oil temperature control fuel efficiency and combustion of fuel mixture. – Control of electric vehicle.

– Control of the intake system and exhaust. – Control of air pressure in pneumatic system. – Control the amount of fuel, the fuel system. All control measurements are calculated on the largest among Chinese car LCD display. 2. Chairs of the original design development. Exhibit features a proprietary technology for Chinese heavy-duty trucks. Chairs fully comply with ergonomics driver. – Back and seat cushions are equipped with electrically heated. – In lumbar support built-in backrest bags inflate, it allows you to adjust the seat for various anthropometric indices drivers. – Upper part of the high back seats can be adjusted, it helps reduce the fatigability of the cervical spine and shoulder girdle driver. 3. Rear-view mirrors are designed in analogy mirrors the latest foreign cars. Available for electric drive, electric Disposal of frost.

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Online Transport Control Problem

Automated enterprise manager is now available online tool monitoring and fleet management – the service control transport RUF. This service allows you to monitor transmission and urban trucks, buses, road-building machinery, industrial and agricultural tractors and transport technology. Control of vehicles in the understanding of the RUF – remote monitoring of the location and parameters machine operation in real time, the accumulation of information in the database and preparation of analytical reports on user demand. Service functions for the control of Transport: Transport Monitor – map location on the map and the current parameters of the mobile machine in real time. Fuel control – control of the place, time and volume of gas stations, identifying discharges fuel from the tank, the calculation of the actual fuel consumption data obtained from onboard the machines from the flow sensors and the fuel level or a CAN bus. Reporting on the work of transport – traveled route (track), segments of traffic and parking, the work of the engine.

Reports will be prepared for either machines, and for groups of vehicles. Diagnosis – monitoring machine operation modes, troubleshooting and error control. RUF – a universal service control vehicles, is not bound to any particular type of aircraft equipment. A simple, economical and flexible protocol allows you to connect virtually any type of airborne terminals, working on communication channels GPRS, CDMA, SMS, GSM, radio channels. To use all the opportunities for service, avionics machine must have the GPS and GLONASS, the sensor fuel flow, fuel level sensor, engine speed sensor. Alternative sensors – connecting to the CAN bus. Service Control Transport RUF has three levels of control: the machine – a group of machines – vehicle fleet. For these levels of organized user access to control the fleet: view online information and reports. To work with service monitoring the user does not need to install complicated and expensive server, client programs, to buy electronic cards. Enough to have access to the Internet – from anywhere in the world head of the fleet will be able to find out where and how they work machine automated enterprise.

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