The Universe

And it was in fact only concerned mother who does not think about how words express it. Thus, our words, our thoughts attract into our lives what we say and think. And just leapt into my head the phrase is sometimes very strong magnet. What should I do? 1.Sledit of what we think and what we say! "First, think before you think! 2.Vykinut from our vocabulary words-parasites and phrase-parasites! Give it a few minutes. Divide the list into two parts by a vertical bar on the left and write the words and phrases that should be deleted from his life once and for all! A right write what you need what you need (love, prosperity, happiness, etc.) Posted by – begin strike, but not just delete, but with a passion! Get rid of the unnecessary! Get rid! 3.Znayu that just throw all the negative does not work, and from time to time, black cockroaches crawl out of the dark corners of our attic. In this case, we can help white sneakers. Cover with negative thoughts positive. This may be an expression: "I am the one (or whatever) in which (which) is always all right!" "Freeze!" Erased! Erased! Erased! "If cockroaches even while trying to wriggle out of – the action recommended to repeat several times. And so we think positively, speak only good things! And a good start right? Not immediately – you need to give time of the universe to make sure that you do not have a temporary "phase shift", and that is what you want to attract! Have patience, prove yourself and all that positive developments – it is yours! Is this enough to fulfill your desires? Enough, but there are ways to speed up the attraction. Be a strong magnet.

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