Elliptic Bicycles

Elliptical bicycles, elliptical or simply elliptical machines are gym equipment consisting of two platforms on which sits the user’s foot and two vertical bars which catch with your hands to help the movement. Exercise is characterized by perform foot and intervening arms and legs, so it increases caloric expenditure. Along with the bikes and treadmills, the elliptical are the most popular sports equipment for aerobic exercise. Concept though you are called elliptic bicycles has little bikes, since they lack saddle, the user is standing and not sitting and the movement of the pedals is elliptical rather than circular. The movement that develops in the elliptical is a combination of several sporting gestures such as cross-country skiing, cycling, running and marching, but is not none of them exactly, what the transfer with other sports is limited.

Exercise is similar to the Nordic skiing by motion forwards-backwards feet and by help of the arms, combined with a similar circular motion pedaling of bicycle, resulting in an elliptical rotation and a harmonious combination of the efforts of arms and legs in the right proportion. Strength systems are magnetic or electromagnetic and adjustable, so you can modify the intensity of the effort. To achieve a movement more fluid it is convenient that they incorporate a flywheel of certain weight (10 kg or more) to avoid running to strain. One of its strengths is that they do not produce impact on joints, minimising the risk of injury, which favors its use in rehabilitation, athletes not everyday tasks or people older. The caloric intake is higher in the elliptic that static bikes since the movement involves more muscle groups, since they involved arms and legs simultaneously, which makes the amount of calories burned is higher, making it a very suitable choice for those who seek to lose weight.

The elliptical are, along with bicycles static and treadmills, the most popular sports equipment for aerobic exercise and are widely extended to both domestic and professional use in gyms. Bikes elliptical vs static bikes differ in that the elliptical: have No saddle. The user is standing and not sitting. The movement of the pedals is elliptical rather than circular. The arms and the upper part of the body, not just your legs exercise also. It does not cause discomfort in the back or in the seat area. The gesture has just transfer with other sports. They are similar in that: does not produce impact on the joints. The caloric intake is high. They have adjustable resistance to vary the intensity of the exercise. They are very popular sports equipment for aerobic exercise.

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