The Graphs

It is reasonable to affirm that the group that if it shows favorable and with a positive image of science is lesser in remaining portion of the country. (JCOM 2 (3), 2003) the pointers demonstrate that the phrases that the intrevistados ones find that better express the science idea is: Great discoveries, Advance technician and Improvement of the life human being. The first one was (between 30% and 40%). The advance technician was in first place in Spain (59.3%), in according to place in Argentina (43%), Brazil (40%) and Uruguay (42%). The improvement of the life human being was in first place in Uruguay (49.4%) and Brazil (46.9%). In according to place in Spain (48.6%) and only a little more than one tero of the intrevistados ones in Argentina (37%).

The question; the world of science cannot be understood by common people, the graphs speaks for itself, but, we can verify the tendenciosa motivation of the author when in its reading commented of the same ones, it divulges the indicating data favorable to the phrase in Argentina (60,5) and omits the contrary percentage to the phrase in Brazil of (64.8%). Not podemor to say which region the research in Argentina was concentada, however, in Brazil we know that it was in Campinas that concentrates companies of high technology, that according to author is layer of the population that has greater access to the scientific information and of scientific spreading which, located in the 20 quarters of high and high middle class. Thus also as it happened for Brazil the pointers of Spain and Uruguay, exactly with numbers ' ' apertados' ' they disagree with that the world of science cannot be understood by common people. The question that it approaches; the government does not have to intervine in the work of the scientists, the majority, to the quatros countries, agrees to the phrase ' ' exactly that it is the government that pague' ' the pointers demonstrate agreement of (57.7%) on average.

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