Andean AgriBusiness

Andean agribusiness specializes in creating natural ancestral Andean cereal-based foods such as quinoa, amaranth, the Tharwi, the canahua; food of very high quality and large protein and vitamin, the properties of these cereals and foods regularize fisicfas functions, increases mental ability and intensifies energy, ahef source most complete in the world. Vegetarians (like me) sometimes we can not replace with vegetables and rice the nutrients and protein properties of meat, but the soy meat has been developed thanks to agribusiness native, Andean and others, it is concentrated soy protein that mimics the qualities of the meat but enhances them. Red meat has about 27 grams of protein per 100 grams of meat, but beef and soy or soy texturized protein can reach up to 50 GR protein per every 100 gras meat according to your quality!, pretty isn’t it? It is good to know further that soy is not the only one that brings tremendous qualities, attention! the Tharwi, an Andean cereal, brings 60 gras of protein per every 100 grs that is like eating approx. 250 grams of meat and not toxic, because they remember that meat is characterized by its toxicity and its low durability, because while, not, meat remains a month refrigerated the tharwi and soybeans kept years in a dry place. But Andean native agro-industry provides not only great food, also to post within our reach natural cosmetics that do not degenerate nio skin scalp, is really fantastic having all these benefits at our fingertips. OK before you dismiss me with this first article I want to take something into account, all soy grown in the world is unfortunately GM, so that not to be fooled by people who tells them that is 100% not transgenic because is a lie. Best regards!!!

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