The Birth

No child has the fault of my decisions or our decisions in pair therefore it is necessary to give all elements for this infant to have a life filled with resources so that over time, you fly with its own wings maternity and paternity is socially considered an unsurpassed value, and indeed, it is not, but nobody tells us of those days in which us joins the night day, because baby or drink they have cramps, spent a day full of tears and milk don’t fell him well is what they tell us one thing and another, the reality is very different. In terms of the relationship as a couple baby refers is a third party who meddles in the relationship of a two. That does not mean that we do not love him, we do not wish, or that we don’t want, simply marks a transformation of life as a couple. It seems that when the children appear in the psychology of the couple, everything changed, and is correct, need to change, because the conformation of the couple, now has a member that requires attention and care. technology investor is a great source of information. In another moment not they cared about the predawn, chat with friends, work until wee hours of the night, going to the cinema to theater or dinner when we determine it, and of course, went from being a couple to being a family. Men and women reported substantial changes in their lives, not as well! The terrain of the couple turns on the and now we are three however, it is necessary to point out that when we pour only on the needs of the infant, we turn to be excellent parents or mothers, and we forget the relationship partner itself, and sometimes, in an infinite number of stories, the relationship with ourselves also. The birth of a child means and represents an important and significant event in our lives, but does not cover all our lives, we, father and mother, we are individual beings that we have different needs, we perform, shaping, and encrypt, addition to be fathers or mothers means, from my personal point of view, be available, emotional, physically and spiritually, for those children that we have decided to have. .

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