Performance Wood Splitters

One of the deciding factors when choosing a woodpile machine is its performance. How is it determined? I propose the following method of calculation: Process technology of manufacturing of wood in the stand consists of stages. Log served on the conveyor belt, and rides on it in the direction of the saw, then saw off. Falls under the block of wood splitting cylinder and splits. And while the split of one piece is already in progress drank next. Work on machine is, in fact, the maquila sector.

For the calculation of productivity is possible to use the calculation methods used for in-line production. Mass production is coming one after another teh.operatsy. Time per operation is equal time to the next blank pass through each operation within a strictly defined period of time. In the machine for chopping firewood following cycles: Cycle 1. Feed logs to the saw, took a blank, blank slide to the cylinder. Cycle 2.

Split billet during the forward run of the cylinder, the cylinder returns to its original position. After cycle 2, we get ready firewood. The calculation is performed as follows way: Select the length and diameter logs, performance which need to know. With the help of determined the amount of wood in a given log. Selects the required length block of wood. On the basis of a given length determined by the number of cycles for processing of logs. The running time of one cycle is determined by the time required for processing a log. Calculated theoretically possible performance. Multiplying theoretical performance of the correction factor, we get a real performance machine. When calculating the performance into account the following factors: – Diameter (cubic) timber. – The length of the block of wood. Defines required number of cuts on a log. – The length of the original logs. Determines the number of cuts on a single log. In principle, its role is minimal. Calculation of Performance gidrokoluna Palax Power 100s. As an example, consider performance on the beam diameter of 35 cm obtained have a length of wood 35 cm Feedstock – log length of 3.5 m. The volume of logs according kubaturniku (ISO 4480-83) is 0.371 m3. This beam is split into 10 pieces. For simplicity, we take them equal to the volume. Accordingly, the volume of each will be 0.0371 m3. One cycle at this log diameter is 10.4 sec. Taking into account the correction factor productivity at the current diameter of the timber and the length of the block of wood was 7.73 m3. It is clear that all factors to consider unrealistic. Remain unaccounted for following factors: the downtime of the machine in between the logs, use / non-use of automatic adjustment speed of the cylinder, the installation logs on conveyor belt, the time spent on the correction curves of the logs, the reaction time of the operator and others. In this regard, and introduce a correction factor, determined empirically. Satisfy the performance measurement and comparison with theoretical values Measurements were carried out under the following conditions: length of the log of 6 meters, the length of the block of wood 35 cm, the average diameter of 35 cm on the practice performance amounted to 8.5 m3. Deviation between the calculated and the practical value was 10%. The above technique allows one to solve the actual problem when choosing a Wood splitters. Namely: knowing its resource base, identify suitable machine that can handle the necessary workload. Talk to us – and we'll help you find the machine that will handle your needs.

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