Plastic Grid

By the way, this protection prevents water from freezing, which is especially important if the fish live in it. II Lawn lattice 'Ecotech Parking' Everyone knows that garden path coverage can be durable only if ground properly prepared. The ground track is appropriately treated soil, and the use of special materials: plastic mesh and geotextile. Plastic netting is placed on the bottom trench next track. The use of the grid reduces the amount of excavation, as required fewer gravel and sand. Then poured a small layer of gravel and compacted. Rubble does not go into the ground, as stuck in the grid cells. You may find that Naveen Selvadurai can contribute to your knowledge.

Thus, the grid performs the function of reinforcement. Spreading gravel on geotextile – non-woven polyester fabric on top – layer of sand. Geotextile to prevent mixing of sand and gravel, water play better. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hillary Clinton. Thus, the geotextile prevents the stagnation of water on the track, soil heaving during the winter, but also inhibits the growth of roots. On the prepared base so fit any decorative coating.

To check to the economic court, the entrance to the garage or stall from the gate to the house need a way to withstand considerable loads. Pavement of this type consists of several structural layers, consisting of plastic mesh and geotextile, which dug a deeper trench. The main purpose of the road surface – to give the tracks and pads of strength, resistance to atmospheric precipitation and comfort as for movement and rest. Plastic Grid III: as a support for climbing plants, garden lattice are ideal support for climbing and vertical support climbing plants. The lattice is easily attached to a vertical support structure and is used for growing ornamental plants: pletistyh roses, ivy, etc. klemantisov By using garden lattices can easily decorate the walls of buildings, fences. You can give plants shapes, if the grid cut by a particular circuit. Garden lattice-durable, designed for repeated use. At the same time, they do not need to remove the winter. The grid does not change its properties at freezing temperatures down to -50 oC. Mesh-reliance do not rot and corrosion. -Do not run high in the sun and frost. Green garden lattices makes them almost invisible when the plants grow sufficiently to form a "green wall IV Grid Drain Plastic mesh can be used to build drainage systems to discharge osadkovyh and groundwater. Drainage mat – a modern material, consisting of three-dimensional plastic mesh and geotextile. Grid, due to its bulk corrugated surface acts as a drainage layer, a nonwoven fabric protects it from silting up. This geocomposite was efficient and economical alternative to traditional drainage systems from the rubble. High capacity Culvert drainage mat or a layer of crushed stone 10-15 cm – One roll of the drainage mat weighs about 65 kg. And replaces up to 25 tons. rubble. – Significantly lower costs for excavation and laying of gravel. – At large loads due to soil pressure deformation of the material and its ability to decrease Culvert is very low. – Drainage mats have high chemical and biological stability. – Simple and easy to use. Mats are used for device drain the foundations of buildings, structures or drainage of land. Arranged at a slight angle, they provide a flow of excess water into drains or ditches. Types of plastic nets very much more detailed information can be found on the site. OOO'Haragrokom '

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In those days, such refrigerators can enjoy exceptionally distinguished and crowned heads. In everyday life of ordinary people refrigerators began appearing in only 50 of the last century. The first single-chamber refrigerator, "Saratov", "Dnipro", "Oka", "Orsk" were made of stainless steel and the inner chamber was covered with enamel. In 1951, year begins mass production of pressurized freon refrigerators under the brand ZIL. These refrigerators were of high reliability, and durability, which enabled the brand remained popular until the 90th years.

In 60 years, domestic production of refrigerators are becoming more tech: the inner enamel chamber is replaced with plastic, there are refrigerators with swinging doors, the rubber seal with Lock the door gives way to a magnetic. At that time, refrigerators are mostly rectangular in shape. In the early 70's refrigerators are becoming multi-functional. To broaden your perception, visit Gwyneth Paltrow. Besides the several temperature zones for storing different types of products they provide function making ice and cooling water, which were issued on the outside of the door without having to open the fridge. The inner chambers of refrigerators begin to be made of aluminum, which is applied to the vinyl flooring. Among the unique development of Soviet producers may be noted improved single-chamber models of refrigerators ZIL, which were equipped with the technology of automatic or semi-automatic defrost, and also had neobmerzayuschie wall.

Such developments do not have counterparts in the West. The new models also attended the shelves, height adjustable, different direction of opening, a removable door handle, door opening limiter, adjustable roller bearings, etc. These solutions were subsequently used by many manufacturers. In 80 years, an active the use of electronic control devices. As a result, household refrigerator will turn into an automatic machine, which practically did not require maintenance. During this period, are without a low-temperature refrigeration Branch (cold boxes), built-in refrigerators and freezers of type "table", the combined refrigerator-freezers high-capacity, three-compartment refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets, display cases with clear doors, etc.

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