Intercontinental Kyiv Support Fund

The third consecutive year the hotel InterContinental Kyiv chooses Relief Fund and the Development of Children of Chernobyl (FPRDCH) as a partner charity. In 2011, the hotel together with the Foundation implements charitable campaign "Calculation of the benefit children, providing an opportunity for all guests InterContinental Kyiv to support philanthropic initiatives in Ukraine. To join the campaign, guests must agree to the inclusion of an additional 12 hryvnia to the general account for rates. Economist may not feel the same. All proceeds will be used for medical programs FPRDCH. FPRDCH – an international charity which works to save the lives of children throughout Ukraine through the implementation of essential medical programs. "At InterContinental we know how important it is to care about people in need of help, especially when it comes to the youngest citizens. Among the many charitable organizations working in Ukraine, We have chosen a reliable partner for cooperation in 2011 will concentrate its efforts on supporting the Foundation's programs. Thus, we are able to support not only local communities but to join an important matter by people across the Ukraine ", – said Carsten Raer, General Manager of Hotel InterContinental Kyiv.

Director FPRDCH in Ukraine Alex Milyanich commented continued cooperation: "The work FPRDCH in Ukraine is possible thanks to the support of such companies such as InterContinental Kyiv. In 2010, for example, professional management and dedication of staff are key to the success of the celebration of 20 anniversary of the Fund, during which we collected 171 thousand dollars U.S. medical equipment that helps save babies in our partner hospital in Kiev. A new joint initiative with the InterContinental Kyiv will allow us to continue to embody the Foundation's program in Ukraine. " FOUNDATION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL, founded in 1990 after the Chernobyl disaster, aid funds, and development of children of Chernobyl (FPRDCH) is a humanitarian organization that works to save the lives of children in Ukraine. The main objective of the Fund is to improve the quality of care for children and pregnant women by medical programs in the fields of perinatology, neonatology, pediatric oncology and pediatric surgery. FPRDCH also working on constant improvement of life for orphans with physical and mental defects. To this end, programs are being implemented physical therapy and nutrition, as well as educational programs.

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Saving On Business Travel Expenses

Spend Saturday night on arrival (Saturday night always seem to have places and people who travel weekend fly on Friday). Cheap flights flying hours unpopular as Monday afternoon or Sunday morning. Be willing to fly at dawn also help you find affordable tickets. Before and after bridges, and Easter holidays usually hidden gems for the independent traveler. Be flexible with the dates for cheap flights. Try searching for source and destination connections to secondary airports instead of major. These airports tend to have cheap and quick links to nearby towns. Ticket with restrictions = Cheaper tickets with restrictions are always the cheapest.

What is a ticket with restrictions? one can not refund or change of date. The company puts cheaper because there's always someone who does not use them, so they can resell them after the last 48 hours. Search and compare prices thoroughly examine these cheap airlines for the dates chosen. Low Cost Direct Flights + Vs Regular Imagine that we want to fly from Barcelona to Santiago de Chile. Usually it would put these two cities as departure and arrival in the search for tickets, knowing that we will have to stop in Madrid because There are no direct flights between the two cities.

You can save considerable money by buying low-cost flights from Barcelona to Madrid and then the regular Madrid – Santiago de Chile. This also applies to flights to the U.S. calling at European cities like London or Paris. Combined low cost We spend a long weekend in London, to which several low cost airlines fly. Sometimes you can save money by buying the outbound flight with a company and return with another. Fees and taxes Check to see if ticket prices include taxes and fees. It is also important to look at the charge for luggage. Seizing the opening of new routes when airlines open new routes generally do offer tickets at cost, until the route is sufficiently known. Tourist Business price Some companies assign a number of seats in Business in accordance with demand. And the curtain of Business moved a few rows back or forward depending on whether they have managed to sell all seats Business.Para get – Tourist prices – the area of a seat in Business you must try to choose (for example, getting your boarding pass online) the seat closest to the cab as possible. Flight information and possible cancellation Checkmytrip show you in the travel itinerary, and aircraft type from a pager.

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