Jairo Romero

A scenario is this known to all, in ordinary mortals who inhabit and where it will be until the day in which the mercy and generosity of the creator so determined. Another context is the legend, where only allowed privileged beings, protagonists of gestures of greatness, of incomparable feats of performances out of the ordinary. Jairo Romero was a legend from the day light in which he took the bold decision to break with common journalism and devoted himself to explore boldly in the same hazardous events, to listen to the soul in depth and feelings of the protagonists, to make the necessary trip to the details for all others passed unnoticed. Since last Sunday he prematurely left this region of light and shadow where life is temporary and finite, to remain permanently in the country of immortality where he arrived preceded by their high dreams, their wonderful achievements, its unwavering precepts. Life allowed me to meet Jairo Romero through his voice. I was a regular listener of their sports broadcasts through radio Admiral. In the warm afternoons of my monotonous Sunday my favorite program was listening to him and Eladio Narvaez when they narrated from Calancala Stadium (or any other scenario) the exploits of the Riohacha Deportivo in its extraordinary 1983 season in the second Division tournament – today first C-. The guajiro box due to one of their rivals and with that same ease the dupla narrador-comentarista told us goals from Teddy Orozco and Victor Sapuca Hernandez; lethal Jairo Pinto projections; impeccable Edgar Almazo and Osmani Gomez dialing; the impressive saves by Nilson Martinez. Our old stadium San Jose de Maicao, headquarters in other times of the exploits of football of the border was desolate: without a soul, without action and, above all, without football. Little by little boys on the block were made fanatical team of Riohacha but Luis Octavio Cruz (one of my brothers of dreams) and I, we had others Heroes: I want to narrate as Eladio told me one day my friend and I then felt at total liberty to say: and I want to comment as Jairo.

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Computer Monitors

Computer monitors, also called computer screens, computer monitors are peripheral output that connects to your PC via a card graphic or video card and allow you to view your computer information. Computer monitors are the main communication between the computer and the user interface being an essential element for the health of our view both the quality of the work. Features worth make an economic effort in computer monitors and select them carefully, for two reasons: much influence the quality and comfort of our work, as well as the health of our eyes due to the many hours a day spent watching them. Computer monitors are computer components with longer service life, being used for years, often on different computers. Let’s look at some important characteristics of computer monitors: size: the diagonal measurement, usually between 15 and 27 inches. In the CRT viewable area is less than the screen size.

(Ratio, or aspect ratio) form factor: indicates the ratio between width and height in computer monitors. Traditionally it was 4: 3 on TV but is in the widescreen 16: 9. Resolution: number of points that the monitor can display (also depends on the graphics card). There are numerous standards: VGA (640 480), SVGA (800 600), HD Ready (1280 720) or Full HD (1920 1080). Dot (dot pitch) size: affects the sharpness of the image, the smaller better quality. Refresh rate: number of times per second that the image is regenerated (also depends on the video card). Along with the response time, is a factor directly related to eyestrain, how much more alto less will get tired of the view. Contrast and brightness: much influence the quality of the perception of the image.

Connections: it is important that computer monitors include both digital connection (DVI, HDMI) as analog (VGA). Position: it is convenient that the position is adjustable in tilt and height. Configuration: interface OSD (On Screen Display) superimposed information on adjustments, facilitating the setting. Multimedia: multimedia models include speakers and microphone integrated along with the corresponding connections. Touch screen: touch screen computer monitors (touchscreen) allow you to interact with the computer by touching the screen, serving both peripheral input and output. Types there are basically three types of computer monitors: CRT (Cathode Ray Tube, cathode ray tube): the most common until a few years ago, resembling a TV.

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Paying More Attention To Industrial Design

At present, China s industry is big but not strong. Extensive development mode has not been a fundamental change, and there is an urgent need to get out a new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics. The industrial design is an effective way to change scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces, to improve the capability of independent innovation, to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, to promote industry structure optimization and to upgrade and change patterns of development. And we should change our country from made in China to created in China. In brief, compared with the design of the developed countries, the development of industrial design in China is still in its infancy with the requirements of industrial development.

There is a great gap between industrial development level and design service capabilities urgent need to upgrade. Thus Henan Hongxing researched on many years of performance, they invented a set of machine in stone crushing plant. In recent years, according to structure adjustment of the national mining machinery and the upgrade requirements of the transformation, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co. Ltd. identifica new development strategy, adhere to the independent innovation, upgrade, deep conversion, circulation development, deepen reform, promote technology innovation, technology upgrading, upgrade the optimization and upgrading of products, enterprise development and upgrade cluster of upgrades, to make the first brand mining machinery in China and even the world. I believe that in the mining machinery industry, if the company wants to competitive in the field, you should may more attention to the industrial design. Actually it adopts to all kinds of industries. China should have a long-term planning and a comprehensive layout from the strategic level to accelerate the growth and development of the industry in the development of industrial design. All levels of government and relevant departments should strengthen the importance of innovative design, increase efforts to support the development of innovative design industry trying to address deficiencies in industrial design, to active planning of industrial development, to promote the industrial design for industrial health to play to substantive role in promoting sustainable development.

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