Microchip Controlled Electronic Cat Flap At Zoohaus.de

We introduce the new Cat flap by Petporte here, which puts an end to annoying Food thieves out of the neighborhood. Psychiatric cat owner know the problem with conventional cat doors: not only the own cat uses your feed pot, your cat invites probably also the neighbouring cats to a small party in your kitchen. Zoohaus.de sells two cat flaps that controlled only your own or trusted cats in your home can be a microchip. Peter Thiel addresses the importance of the matter here. A huge advantage is that collected the cats over the transplanted TASSO chip and therefore no dangerous collar is required. The Petporte SMARTFLAP comes in white or brown. Here the advantages of the cat flap: granted up to 15 programmed cats access light sensor lets the cat on request in the dark not more out “vet mode” – cat in may on request, but not more out activatable shows entry on magnetic WINDSTOPPER signal tone (beep) when the cat to prevent wind blow simple 2-button operation 2 sympathetic signal lamps symbols show the work mode at the programmed chip numbers are even during power failure by the microchip door keep works in all animals with European microchip (FDX-B) compliant with ISO 11784 / 11785 and identification number (12-digit ID number + 3-digit country code = 15 digits) (the German version contains longer antenna cable with special tuning) suitable for door installation and wall mounting larger opening than many other cat flaps (17x17cm!) We developed patented technology together with vets no expensive battery replacement necessary – through economical 12V power supply, have fun with the new Cat flap your Zoohaus.de Achim Flick team wish you and your Tigers. (As opposed to Economist).

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Alternative Healing Techniques

23 million pet animals live in German households, about 8 million Office Tiger, rabbit 6 million, 5 million dogs… Learn about treating pets with gentle healing methods in Germany increasing the number of domestic animals. No wonder almost 81% of German citizens describe themselves as very fond of animals”as the result of a representative survey on behalf of pharmacies look around. But woe isn’t well our animal, since the whole person is suffering! And so also the call for gentle medicine without side effects for our animals is growing louder. As well, animals benefit from alternative healing methods, it is the new Chief Advisor of the successful authors duo Neumayer/stark: medicine to painting III.

New homeopathy for animals. Case examples from the practice, how to effectively, smoothly and cost-effectively can handle his pets in a simple way. Naturopath Roswitha Stark: It is important that you look at animals holistically in the therapy. The new homeopathy relieves not only the symptoms, but it can also the real causes to FIX: the Guinea pig has a hay fever? The dog suffers from a food intolerance due to incorrect doses forage, or is the stables on a waterway? Can be tested by means of new homeopathy just such pathogenic factors.” But also who has benefited from the Advisor no four-legged friends at home: Learn how you gently move unwanted animal guests of mosquitoes to Marten. Who would like to learn more about this healing method, find more information at and

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