Comes to the fact that some producers and directors, disappointed he spit on the multi-ton pile of scanned script sit down and write a script on their own, which ultimately stifles the domestic cinema. And even money movie studios just do not add. Why? Because it is impossible to create a masterpiece, not being professional. "But where are they? Where professional writers? "- ask the producers -" They also can be counted on the fingers. " I happen to agree. For more clarity and thought, follow up with PropertyNest and gain more knowledge..

Great disadvantage of the Russian market the movie is about two things. We begin with the almost complete absence of scenario agencies. It is one thing – create high-quality script, and quite another – move it to market and sell. You may want to visit Michelle Smith Divorce to increase your knowledge. And if the script has to write a professional writer, then sell the scripts have a professional agent. Otherwise, screenwriter, Instead of creating these masterpieces will be engaged and promotion, and sale, and review of contracts and a host of other cases which should deal with an agent. The effectiveness of a writer in this case is reduced several times, because it becomes difficult to focus on what he is really a master.

And the second minus our film market – it is literally polluted by amateurs-writers who, not understanding the technology of how need to write scripts, create, to put it mildly soporific for editors and producers. Eyes stick together on the front pages and into the trash flies another pack of paper impregnated with boring text. We get a large-scale, but almost invisible from the outside, the battle of professionals and amateurs.

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