IVF Like Transfer

Embryo transfer procedure of the fertilized egg (embryo) is carried out in a few days after fertilization. To increase the chances of pregnancy usually carry 2 or 3 embryo. At this stage the medication provided the necessary level of the hormone progesterone in women. In the ‘natural’ conception of progesterone released oranizmom women as a response to fertilization. Results ECO evaluated 2 weeks after embryo transfer on the level of hormones. Factors affecting the success of IVF Reproduction identified a number of key factors influencing the success of IVF: 1. A woman’s age. Gwyneth Paltrow recognizes the significance of this.

2. The response ovarian response to stimulation of women 3. Timeliness of the mature eggs 4. The level of technology implementation puncture and embryo transfer procedures 5. Indicators of sperm quality 6. The psychological state of infertile couples. In the natural cycle of IVF in cases where the woman is contraindicated in hormonal stimulation of ovulation (or on its own accord) and she has regular ovulation, IVF is performed in estesstvenno cycle. This procedure is IVF drawbacks: – after fertilization will receive one embryo – the probability of an immature egg cells and embryos for transfer no – just a low probability of pregnancy.

The advantages of IVF estesstvenno cycle are: – do not use hormone therapy. – There is no risk of multiple pregnancy. – Reducing the cost of IVF. Contraindications for IVF Like any method of treating infertility, to IVF, there are Contraindications: 1. Contraindications for gestation pregnancy and childbirth. 2. Malformations and deformations of the uterus, which is impossible with embryo implantation or child bearing. 3. Tumors of the ovaries and uterus. 4. Sharp inflammatory diseases and cancer. Possible complications with IVF According to statistics, complications after IVF are observed in 5-6% of patients who have undergone. The most frequent complication is ectopic pregnancy. It is also found ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and multiple pregnancy. Generally, by itself, infertility, age, multiple pregnancy may increase the risk of premature birth or miscarriage. The effectiveness of IVF in modern clinics about 40% of IVF pregnancies end in success. Reproduction emphasize that the negative result of IVF does not mean that the method of IVF for you ineffective. Often subsequent IVF attempts are successful. IVF has no effect on the subsequent course of pregnancy. To date have no abnormalities in the development of children ‘in vitro’ was not revealed. Children born with the help of IVF in the world now about 4 million.

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