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But to make the product – it’s not even half the battle, and 20-30%. 70-80% is spent on a client to consume this product. Ie 70-80% of the money deposited in the consumer’s distribution system – from intermediaries. Differences from traditional CM (corporate) marketing beginning stage of production: The Corporation uses the network intermediaries-organizations GRID COMPANY – network intermediaries consumer. Note that when we talk about the currently existing marketing system, constantly use the term ‘traditional’. Get all the facts and insights with Movie Star, another great source of information. And if think about it, the concept of Tradition – this is the legacy of previous generations.

I want to say that the existing system currently marketing the fact that the majority is taken for granted as the sacred was not such a the past and will remain so in the future. Each level of society has its own economic relations – economic evolution: 1) shop-shop 2) store 3) supermarket 4) All hypermarket, they swam. Further coarsen and concentrate nowhere, unless you agree to live within MEGAmarketGORODA, but not by accident dinosaurs were also dead-end branch of evolution. The rate of technological progress is constantly growing and this is ‘Pull’ for a rest – the old forms of marketing have evolved and new ones appear. Adroll Marketing Platform has plenty of information regarding this issue. => Inevitably, the emergence of new forms of marketing – fast (flexible) and distributed (as close as possible to the consumer): Internet Marketing, MLM. Now we live in a global society of commodity overproduction. Can not all have noticed, but we’re already in it. Now, advanced producer is not fighting for market share, and for ‘share of mind’. Michelle Smith Source Financial usually is spot on.

And the personal nature of relationship with a client who is in the SM, it becomes a tangible advantage in this fight. ======= From the book “Funky Business”: In a fragmented world, niches are getting smaller. The increasing role of individual orders in coupled with advances in technology and changes in the value system means that mikrorynki begin to predominate over the mass market. The next step would be individualized production, an individualized marketing. ================================================== ==== More information can be found in my free course, “Smart Money for Free People” – a form of subscription to the site. ============================================ More on the topic: How to choose a MLM company? What is Network Marketing 2.0

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Telephone Surveys

The main task of the introduction of the questionnaire for telephone survey – to inform the respondent and the goal of the research problem and to convince him to participate in the telephone survey. The text of the introduction of the questionnaire depends on whether there is a need for concealing the purpose of research (if so, what is possible to develop so-called "legends"), as well as the complexity of the study and the degree of sensitivity of the information collected. The purpose of the introduction – to encourage the respondent to cooperate, thereby reducing the error associated with the rejection of a response. Although the text of the introduction of various forms differ from each other, there are general rules and principles of development: The explicit or implicit reference to the importance of ongoing study. The introduction should highlight the importance of research (ie, to convince the respondent that he had good reason to spend time filling out forms) and the importance of personal opinion of the respondent (this will increase the probability of participation). General information about the causes and purposes of the study. The level of detail depends on the degree of disclosure of the alleged purpose of the study. EXPRESS invitation to participate.

It can be said in the introduction: 'We are extremely grateful to you, if you are willing to share their thoughts and feelings …' Confirmation that the problem involved is not too complicated and not time consuming. You Respondents say: 'You will be able to quickly and easily respond to most questions. According to our calculations, filling in the questionnaire should take you no more than ten – fifteen minutes. " The need to obtain truthful answers. For example: 'We are interested in getting your personal opinion.

There is no right or wrong answer … ' Assurance of confidentiality, for example: "Your responses will be kept strictly confidential. Data will be presented in summary form … ' Confirmation that this is real, real investigation. For example: 'We are conducting research to explore the views of people like you. Telephone surveys typically contain little introduction. It briefly reported the cause of research, given the assurances of confidentiality and provides an invitation to participate in the telephone survey. For example. Good afternoon. My name is Maria I is an independent market research company PromoLine Communications Agency .. We conduct a telephone survey of mobile communications market. We are very interested in learning the views of people like you. Your opinion will be taken into account when development of new services to you mobile phone operator. I want to ask you some questions. I can assure you that the survey will take just 15 minutes or less. You can quickly and easily answer many questions. In our survey There are no right or wrong answers. All that we need – to hear from you truthful answers. All your responses will be kept strictly confidential. Your name will not be known to anyone outside our company.

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Innovative Advertising Systems

Signtific rollup displays quick-change artist with magentischer cassette technology LA concept the Signtific rollup displays are the absolute master of metamorphosis under the advertising systems. Thanks to the innovative magnetic technology, the cassette of the rollup display, can, be exchanged quickly and easily and therefore provides a simple and uncomplicated use. Thanks to the four different models, the right system can be found for every occasion. Whether futuristic, classic or colorful, every wish can be fulfilled with the Signtific rollup displays. The Cologne production company LA CONCEPT offers the entire spectrum of Signtific products starting May 2011 as an exclusive partner of Germany. The advertising systems convince not only through its innovative magnetic technology, but also by their four different models.

The Signtific Q1 rollup display rollup display classic Silver cassette with optional halogen spotlights and as absolute price performance winner of the top seller amongst the advertising systems. The Signtific Q2 rollup display may in 13 different colours used be and adapts optimally to the advertising message. As absolute premium product the cassette of the Q2 can be flexibly changed and inserted into the respective desired color. The Q3 is the futuristic rollup display that considerably differentiates itself from the crowd. It has an additional advertising space on the cartridge and can convince not only by the advertising pressure but also by the advertising message on the tape. The Signtific Q4 model can ensure maximum stability at any size.

The stable and yet elegant cassette along with stabilizing elements allows a safe grip. One is the same for all Signtific rollup displays however, the innovative magnet technology allows a simple and quick change of the advertising message. The construction can be done without tool within a few seconds. Own especially for mobile applications at the point of sale is the Signtific rollup displays. Allow a repeated and flexible use simple transport bag, the easy Assembly and easy changing of the advertising message Systems. The elegant design can used but also on the stand to illustrate the advertising message as a mobile presentation system. In addition to the rollup display range is located in LA CONCEPT also the innovative folding Signtific Q8. It can be used as a large advertising space in addition to the rollup displays and for every level offer an ideal rear panel on measuring and POS. The pressure lifts can also be used by means of magnet technology and allows a quick Assembly even at size 335 x 225 cm. Convince yourself products by the Signtific. More information, see and Signtific.

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Series: The Customer Touch Point Management (part 2)

The process of customer point of contact management In the management of the customer contact point chronologically all the contact points are considered together with the staff, considered a customer during a purchase process or in the course of which use relationship has or might have, from the point of view of the customer. This lists the critical events as well as the positive events, the him there at the moment of truth ‘ could happen or happen in the worst case. Finally is measured using the customer, optimized and further refined. In all of this are not only the primary and resale, but also the behavior of Word of mouth and recommendation willingness in the focus. Because who is not now recommended, might tomorrow and day after tomorrow dead. The management of point of customer contact process consists of four steps: 1 the analysis in this step involves gathering the relevant contact points, the understanding of the processes and documenting the actual situation. These questions can be: Which customers how often occur where and on what occasions with what employees in the company contact? What experience the customer there? What are the processes at each point? Are they self centered or designed from customer point of view? They correspond to the natural behavior of the customer? Are they cross-Department co-ordinated? Are they brand compliant staged? Live, which promise brand and company staff as well? And how does all of this customer? What’s good? What have to go? What needs to be done differently or better in the future? And what has prevented us so far to do so? Is word of mouth and referral potential there a? Who are the range most powerful and most influential referrers? What offers are actually recommended? Where do not recommend strongly? The contact points, favored the customer? Which action stems from his point of view? What could strengthen the business relationship? And lurking where depopulation risks? How do we know this? Is there a Early warning system? 2.

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Are German Media Sensation As British?

Are German media sensationslusterner as British global study from Gartner communications? Global survey from Gartner communications provides surprising assessments of Frankfurt am Main, February 14, 2012 German PR people seem clearly critical to assess than their counterparts in England and the United States to the domestic media. The results of a (non-representative) global survey of communication consultancy of Gartner communications suggest such a conclusion. “So valued the basic attitude of local media as sensationslustern” nearly 60% of the interviewed German PR professionals, whereas the majority of colleagues in England (53%) and the United States (57%) the attitude of there media to be balanced “keep. German public workers are considerably more skeptical than their Anglo-Saxon counterparts also as regards ethical principles on media page. 74% of respondents believe that editorial coverage in Exchange for ad more or less common, while 53% in the United States and 62% in England believe this is unacceptable for media; “the publication of private information without the consent of the persons concerned keep 57% of German respondents for editors more or less” accepted, while 71% in the United States find this practice unacceptable. Also the journalistic filters”is supposedly more permeable in Germany: 50% of the interviewed German PR professionals say that regularly press releases would be reprinted without significant changes, while three-fourths of their colleagues in England and the United States consider this unusual. In turn, the German PR creating the self assessment is clearly positive.

“Half of German respondents believe journalists would PR people first and foremost as a professional contact” see, while 50% of American and 60% of English PR professionals entertain no illusions what they were in the eyes of the media: a necessary evil “. We were quite taken aback by the results, apply in particular to the British Media commonly referred to as particularly cynical and aggressive. The perceptions of local and remotely may be different; or we are more sensitive in Germany? “, says Ulrich Gartner, owner of Gartner communications. Refreshing I find but the self assessment in the Anglo-Saxon countries which is usual snappy.”

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Rudolf Esch

“Guide at WOM marketing” the two editors Anne M. Schuller and Dr Torsten Schwarz have illuminated this current issue from all sides. Word-of-mouth marketing”is for the first time, 45 leading experts from the word-of-mouth world have” the magic word, including such luminaries as Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch and Prof. Dr.

Marcus Schogel, as well as Web 2.0 gurus such as Klaus corner and Dr. Martin Oetting teamed up to share their hints, tips and tricks for an effective offline and online-based referral marketing. Questions such as: what works? What has been proven? What are you do’s and dont’s? What is it in particular? are illuminated under realistic conditions. This involves including a recommendation focused positioning and the motivation of people who act as advocates, ambassadors, and referrers. A variety of methods, as well as a wealth of Campaign examples will be presented.

More topics: viral brand communications, online PR, social media marketing and controlling, reference marketing, reputation management, and mouth-oriented customer touch point management. The book consists of seven parts: strategic principles, milestones in the WOM, Word-of-mouth marketing on the Web, online recommendations and reviews, the practical implementation in the offline WOM, reputation controlling in the WMO, the implementation of the WMO.

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MacBook Air

Laptop MacBook Air – the world's slimmest, its thickness varies from 4 mm to 1.93 centimeters. 3. Quick exchange of views. Today, consumers have the ability to easily share their views on any product at any point the world (only Skype software registration daily 150 thousand new users). All this seriously affects the choice. According to Synovate research mentioned above, and Microsoft, 28% were discussing a particular brand in the online forum, 23% added branded content to your web-messenger, while 19% have downloaded it to your homepage or social networking site.

There are many examples where companies spend millions on direct advertising budgets, and their reputation is destroyed laid out in no time blogger compromising material. The development of video technology companies makes the process of "personal" contact with the buyer. One of the fastest growing forms of education in the world – "all the guru – in Your office. " What companies? 1. Strive to get into the Top 20 on the Internet. 2.

Reduce the "logistics" cost of using the Internet, using it as a marketplace, a way to quickly share information with potential customers and business partners through video, as well as a way to reduce the cost of rent and service staff 3. Feel free to expand market boundaries, as tehnologizirovannom world there are no borders 4. Do product or service to a simpler, more accessible and beautiful. 5. Use the Internet environment as a platform for shaping public opinion Driver 2. Globalization of markets, companies, languages, cultures are no longer protected borders, distance and language barriers.

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