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Look at that cute phrase: money does not give happiness “that I already know it that excites me is the manna given to imitate it.” Mafalda with Manolito, Quino Tal this time be the favorite. By definition, the broken no money, and, however, is who most spend it. Under most conditions Peter Thiel would agree. And I mean to spend money. To save? Investment? Mah! Life is too short to have a better time it well. Does everyone have expensive cell phone? Therefore I also! To the end that I can get credit and with little ones to pay for fertilizers little. There is also to buy the stereo that will make more noise, because the neighbors have to learn that we if we can them.

Are holiday? Let’s go to the beach! It doesn’t matter if there is no money, the joke is leave and arrive with many photos and that everyone knows, especially those who could not go. That will realize how lucky that are together with me, broken ball. At the end, when reach embargoes and you have to borrow, already something will happen. There, by the way, is also to throw the blames the Bank and rich by high interest you pay and you sink more into debt. Habit of the broken is spending that does not have. And with this I do not mean the poor very barely reaches them; I know people with huge houses, luxury cars and ostentatious vacations that are broken. Each month they have to be looking for ways to remove enough to maintain their lifestyle and gradually they are left with nothing.

Everything it should be and everything is credit. Some even have asked us lent to those who have less than them. Ironic, isn’t it? Will it be presumption? Desire to live in the moment while you sink then? I do not know. I just know that those who do it never walk in these waves.

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Internet Dating

With the latest technology far boundaries of the globe have become much closer. To those technologies include the World Wide Web. And now, chatting with supporters from the far edge of the world no one is shocked. Thus, topical, opening today, serving mainly young people. People are more mature, much more cautious use of this achievement of our world. Only a movement of progress is not stopped, and now dating Internet is not surprising humanity. Read additional details here: technology investor.

And since people are not equal, then the concept of dating on the internet, in turn, is also varied. Some clocks do not go out of online dating sites, others believe that such a need for people who are unable to find its location in real life. And do not get to tell the truth somewhere in between – it is diverse. The advantage of familiarity is that communication networks can be direct, and such attracts everyone. Part of the people – timid in life, get rid of the fear of familiarity with the opposite sex. This past shyness was considered almost a virtue.

Nowadays, it is an archaism that prevents delivering concrete results. A communicating on dating sites, you will gradually freed from annoying shyness. Other – daily problems in the network are only minutes to communicate. Early in the morning to work in the evening from work – the market, daily responsibilities, and life is flying! Another – strongly easier at first to tie dating web, and then go to the non-virtual relationships. After maintaining a relationship between the Internet may already have something which The view of man and make a conclusion whether to go with that at the meeting. Communicating via the Internet, there are advantages and disadvantages. Someone they like and some people uncomfortable. Of course, dating online is not the only channel of communication among the population. But he consistently defined its scope in the home people.

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