Galician Socialist Party

The Socialists accuse the Xunta’s submission to the Franco family. The PP recalls that the regional Executive provided that the Pazo of Meiras is opened to the public for the first time. The building, of Cultural interest, you can visit every Friday. The closure of the Pazo of Meiras during the month of August for private use during the Franco family summer holidays has raised a genuine political dust in Galicia. (As opposed to Melissa Selcher). Declared good of cultural interest, the Pazo of Meiras can be visited every Friday during the rest of the year. The decision taken by the Xunta de Galicia has been sharply criticized by the Galician Socialist Party, which has accused the regional Executive of submission to the Franco family and has presented a series of initiatives in which demand the Executive to publicly expose the motives that lead him to break the law of Cultural heritage.

In the view of the Socialists, is an unacceptable decision, inasmuch as it implies disregard for the rights of the citizens of Galicia, reported the PSdeG in a Communique. Security costs for its part, the Member of the BNG Ana Luisa Bouza has registered several initiatives in the Galician Parliament in which claims to the Xunta de Galicia to ensure the opening in August of the Pazo de Meiras on the same terms agreed upon the rest of the year – Friday – at the time that pointed out that the autonomous administration does not have the obligation to assume the costs of security. In this sense, nationalist Deputy claimed to the Xunta de Galicia to initiate the necessary procedures to reach a new agreement in which the Administration takes only those expenses resulting from work for the opening of this asset of Cultural interest. In particular, he recalled the Galician Government does not have the obligation to assume security expenditure arising from the opening of the building, so this argument cannot serve an alibi to prevent visits in the month of August. Perez Bouza has considered that the opening to the public of the Pazo of Meiras was one further step in the recovery of a space plundered by the dictatorship at the time that pointed out that the law obliges the Franco family owners to conserve cultural assets as well as facilitate its public visit, which will be free for four days a month.In particular, Mrs has had an impact in the province of A Coruna increases considerably during the month of August the tourism, so the closure of this resource is not compensated by opening more days in other months of the year. In response to the controversy, the PPdeG, Pedro Puy, parliamentary spokesman reminded that the Xunta ruled by his party was which facilitated the Pazo of Meiras was accessible to all gallegos for the first time.

This Xunta provided that it was open to the public, has remarked. Said it once it transcends this immovable property of the family Franco will close to visitors during the month of August, for private use during the summer of the descendants of the dictator. I am not specifically aware of the issue, but it is convenient to remember that this Xunta facilitated this good of cultural interest to be open to the public, details not know them, expuy popular Deputy.

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