Microcomputer Computer Skills

Communicate appropriately to manipulate a board computer or computer requires have been prepared previously in the handling of letters, numbers and symbols of those wonderful machines whose discovery and subsequent development came to become or the facilitator more important, of all known time, for communication between human beings, between human beings and machines, and even among their own machines. In addition to the knowledge of the machine itself and its potentialities, the speed with which we are able to operate them, is one of the factors that is negatively influencing various areas of your application, such as: companies (from the point of view of data transcription), universities (from the point of view of the presentation of student work including the thesis) and in some expressions of everyday life (from the point of view of the) communications via the Internet through email and Chat). The speed of transcription through the boards of the microcomputers or computers as often called in the Latin language, causes or could cause undesired performance levels, low performance in the professional activities of companies that must process large volumes of information with these communication and control devices, also in those small companies that depend on the computer even in small scale whose operators with poor typing skills, i.e. manipulate letters, numbers and symbols with just two fingers, and in some cases with only one causing enormous delays in the final production of documents that must be processed in various ways to complete the required communication process. We can see that communication between young and not young people via Chat or chat via the Internet produces a severe rejection among those who can generate a fluid at a reasonable speed communication and those who don’t, which are immediately relegated by not being able to write with sufficient speed especially when trying to start new friendships. All the professionals who must produce or process information via this medium should be alert that your performance is not diminished by the simple fact of having not enough developed their skills typing to address the challenge of producing or processing information in a timely, flawless own handling of the language in which they communicate.

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Partial Downloads

Partial discharges are generated in the insulation system of stator of rotating machines, where the local electric field strength exceeds break value. The measurement of partial discharges in rotating machinery can be made online (i.e. during normal operation with load or idle) or offline (i.e. during the machine stop, energizing each winding one after another). Insulation materials used in rotating machines are resistant to a certain level of partial discharge.

Therefore, in normal operating conditions a lot of pulses of discharge partially in each of the phases might expect. However, certain partial discharges can be indicative of defects in aging in isolation or damage to the structure of the winding: loose coils or damaged semiconductor coatings can give rise to partial discharges in slots; the hollows in the insulation or delamination may create internal partial discharges; moisture or contamination of the wound superficial partial discharges will be created. There are several different sources of partial discharges simultaneously activated in the stator winding insulation. Therefore, the key to the correct measurement of partial discharges in the stator windings is the separation of sources of partial discharges which are active in parallel and the distinction between harmful partial discharges, cases of normal partial discharges and noise outside, inevitably present in the industrial environment. Engineers commonly used nowadays digital partial discharge measurement system MPD 600 system synchronous multi-channel. It works with three or more channels synchronized to separate sources of internal partial discharges between itself and also to separate signal from noise, and individually assesses each source of partial discharges in the stator winding.

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