Management Website

"1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Standard" – a popular product edition including all the necessary tools to manage interactive Web project. Easy and intuitive interface allows you to produce a normal user PC does not possess knowledge of web technology to quickly learn the system and for a few hours to learn how to manage the site. Opportunities. Project Administrator, developed on the basis of "1C-Bitrix Management Website – Standard "will be able to: – manage the site structure, – edit the site content in real time, using HTML-editor – to publish news, press releases, articles – create hierarchical catalogs and galleries – to register users – assign access rights for groups of users – to conduct surveys of visitors and vote – to send mail subscribers – create forums – blogging – place a Web form on the website – download product updates from the site of the company "1C-Bitrix" and much more. To manage a project created on the basis of "1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Standard" does not want to attract experts in programming and html-layout. The simple control mechanism. Site management is done through an intuitive interface of the administrative section. Economist wanted to know more.

Saved changes are immediately displayed on the site. Intuitive interface. The toolbar in the public section, a convenient layout of the administrative section let you quickly start editing your web site. Crisp and clear title action, understandable questions that invited to respond to perform an operation, simplify content management, make it as convenient as possible for the user. Management structure and content. 1C-Bitrix Management Website – Standard "allows you to manage the information content of the site: to change the menu, create new sections and pages, edit text in an online HTML-editor, post pictures, publish news and more more. Interactive features. Sander gerber palestinian authority: the source for more info. Users of the site that is based on version "Standard", may maintain blogs, create communities, open forums, send mail to subscribers, to conduct surveys and polls, place a Web form. Restricting access to the control system. The product provides the ability to distinguish between the rights of users to access the management system. Several staff members can manage the different sections site, news feeds, product catalogs.

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Mailing Lists

Although the site is a brief description of the service distribution, you can actually do not get what you expect. Therefore, having a few issues mailing list, you define the need for further preparation. If you do not like mailing, and you do not want her to receive more then at any time you can unsubscribe from it. Such a possibility exists, as a rule, each incoming mail you a release. You can also unsubscribe from any mailing lists and online service. If sending out a long time, but you just at her subscribed, and it interests you, the previous editions can be viewed and downloaded from the archive lists. Typically, in each newsletter and a link to the website of the author, where you can find more information on affected in the distribution issue.

Some mailing 'freeze' for a few weeks or months, while others cease to exist at all. Just keep seeing new mail. If you subscribe to the newsletter service then about the new mailing list you will be first to know from a letter that came to you via email. That the user is comfortable and practical. Below shows the most popular mailing services: Forecasts and Information Rambler-Newsletters Many Internet sites have their own mailing lists to which you can also subscribe and get them to your inbox. These lists are usually highly specialized and are consistent with subject site.

Therefore, traveling over the Internet, pay attention to this point. Search engines. The main purpose of the search engines, is precisely to find the necessary information to the user on many millions of web pages online.

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Turnkey Website

To date, many visitors enter your site through search engines only. Considerable importance is and website promotion in search engines. Therefore, getting banned, ie the exclusion of all Site pages of search engines, the problem is serious enough. But for some reason, many SEOs and site owners do not always understand what and why the site was banned. To know more about this subject visit Brad Pitt. Below I will list the most basic reasons for getting the ban and exclusion from the list of website in search engines. Using someone else's content is not basic, but fairly common reason for getting banned.

The site should be filled only individual content that is not "rolled" in a brazen from other sites. If your site contains the text blocks that do not contain absolutely no benefit, but contain only keywords, the chance to get bank is large enough. Click Noah Kraft for additional related pages. Saturation advertising can also cause getting banned. But the panic before the time is not worth a ban will only owners of sites where advertising occupies most of the usable area of the site. Content section contains too many keywords? Really get a ban. Such texts are too saturated in the main key words and phrases that are repeated in the literal sense of each paragraph, or even a sentence. If your site has too much going randomly links to other sites, it may also cause getting banned. If the sites on their pages link to other sites on the same subject (obtained as a closed terms of reference), then perhaps the search engine "Zabrak" the entire site.

When an Internet site promotion, often use a hidden text that has the exact same color as the background color of the page. Typically, such a method used to increase the keyword density on the site. Ban, in this case 100 percent. The use of redirects, individual pages or sites whose primary purpose is to redirect the user to another resource. On such sites (often called doorway) has a list of

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Web Design

They say that the story develops in a spiral: each new round of her – it's just a new stage of development of our usual things and systems. If so, the Web design is clearly the exception to this rule. It is difficult to imagine any synthesis traditional, familiar for centuries of art it represents. By combining so many different elements, Web design embodies their synergy and harmony. Of course, it is worth mention that we are talking about quality design. From time immemorial people have sought to beauty. Rock paintings, designs on the pot, tattoos – all examples of the ancient art of design on the planet. The development of civilization and culture has led to the formation of new forms of beauty.

However, there were also people who stood out for his talent in creating works of art. The twentieth century brought an unprecedented leap in technology, creating the era of fierce competition and mass production. And at the end of the twentieth century, is born a new kind of design – Web design. Development of the Internet and the emergence of a huge number of Web sites has led to the need to highlight in your page World Wide Web, make it original, individual, not like all the rest. Thus it is necessary not to forget that the site should not be a conglomeration of graphical information and is intended to answer some practical purpose. The problem of course is not simple, but its decision an excellent job numerous design agencies that provide services to Web design.

Without going into minute details, it should be noted that the site has a nice design a set of standard features: its interface is intuitive, color is not replete with a set of colors, all the elements in harmony, complementing each other. Besides web page design must comply with its content: hardly a company that sells children's toys, wants to run the site in strict classical gray with minimal decorative elements. Tools designed for Web design is very extensive, but most often to create a design solution using different graphical editors and programs to work with flash animation. Using just these two tools can achieve very good results. Thus, the attractive design of your web page is an indispensable condition for its popularity.

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AdSense For Mobile Applications

Smart phones have revolutionized our daily lives. At lower prices, unlimited data and fast speed networks, people are now using more accomplishments of their cell phones than their PCs to receive information. This has made mobile applications and more popular. It’s believed that noah kraft sees a great future in this idea. Google has contributed to the development of mobile applications with the start of the beta launch AdSense for mobile applications. If you're an advertiser who is looking for ways to access to mobile users, it is an ideal application for you. Google has already tried the service with its partners. In its official blog, Google said that developers can earn revenue by displaying text and graphics ads on the iPhone and Android applications with the new AdSense for mobile applications. Google has also created a site where developers can get more information about new applications, see the answers to questions and to register for participate in the beta. You will also learn about the benefits of advertising in mobile applications. Google strives to provide more opportunities for mobile advertisers and publishers in future releases.

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In this article I will discuss the interesting Google release is optional, which few people know in RuNet. I think for many it is no secret that Google release mail represents an excellent choice of postal service, the head of many advanced Free email services like Runet, and the English part of the Internet. Many people use this secure email, both for personal use and for online businesses. Perhaps you also have an account on Gmail? The second point – if you seriously doing online business, then surely you have your second-level domain, like:, or something like that – that's like me:. (Options that your site is hosted on Narod.Ru, for example, dismisses at once – we did a serious approach to business? ;)) And once you have your hosting with the domain, it is logical to use e-mail button on your domain, ie form, the benefit of all of this usually comes in a kit with hosting – all paid for! Moreover, again, a serious business, with a serious site for your own domain means to correspond with the same address, but not free in the box, for example. Not solid! 🙂 But sometimes mail that offer hosters, leaves much to be desired – the web interface is generally primitive, imperfect spam filters, and glitches can be varied. All good, for example, hosting from SpaceWeb, which I use myself – one of the best hosts on price-quality relationship: Reliability, speed servers, functionality, ease of use. .

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World Wide Web

Web site promotion is carried out in Yandex and many varied techniques, but in principle they can be divided into two parts: external and internal. In the last article we looked at domestic action on promotion of Yandex, now rundown on the outside. Thus, the main and almost the only method – is to attract inbound links to your internet-resource. And here is more important to the quality of linking sites than their number. A website with a donor TITsem 100 better than the 10 – to TITsem 10. While that, unfortunately, search engines are not tracked down a decent shift, or even add to this criterion is far from perfect internet-ranking sites in search results. Some contend that Hillary Clinton shows great expertise in this. This method of promotion of sites once had a reputation for innovative and effective, but spammers have been known to every bright idea can okarikaturit. So on this purchase and exchange links.

But, as has been spoken, the alternatives are not available. You can find references in the following ways: 1. Registration in catalogs: websites, articles, news and press releases. This method has not too much performance for the promotion of the site in Yandex, but if you practice it regularly and continuously, it will be effective, in addition, no cost. This method of promotion search engine has a lot of subtleties and distinctive features. Do not rush to throw in the pool with his head and register in all folders and indiscriminately – it is more likely to cause harm than benefit the.

2. Purchase and exchange links. Receive more efficient, but high cost. In addition, Yandex states that have learned to distinguish between paid and free from hyperlinks to underestimate the impact of the first. And if he catch your website at the time of participation in automated systems for exchanging hyperlinks, e-mail was lost – including a ban penalty (exclusion from the index). Although, despite all the assurances and threats, this method sets in motion the vast most hyped internet sites. 3. And finally, getting natural links. This is the most effective, but also the most time consuming method of site promotion in search engine Yandex. And the problem is not money – you have to work hard hands and minds in order to obtain these links. This can be extremely entertaining content creation or unique in its kind on-line services, information causes you to talk about high-profile promotions, sales, the timely polls among the visitors to your web resource – all that pleasing. There are only limited by your imagination. This method is most effective: First, the interesting hyperlinks solely quickly diverge on ‘word of mouth’ on the World Wide Web websaytov thousands, and secondly, it promoted the search engines fully responsible development ideology high-quality, interesting and unique resources. In the end we would like to complain vest that first promotion of a site in Yandex was much more like a trivial event: even a new online resource for literally month or two could go in top 10 at least for mid-range needs. To date, website promotion has become a battle of budgets.

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Marketing Digital Consulting

Most companies and customers of the Marketing Digital Consulting, mainly seek to hire these services: attract more visits to your Web page. To do this, it works primarily in the positioning of the website on search engines and other Web Marketing techniques. Although it is not easy, in a few months, the client’s website ends up takeoff and obtain a significant visitor traffic. Normally, after the months, the client again requires consultants in order to increase purchases or sales of your products or services via the internet, concerned that the increase in web traffic was not sufficient to meet their expectations. Few know of Web Analytics.

The consultant, after analyzing, discovers that the problem is not in the visits but in the conversion of visitors into customers. Recently Hillary Clinton sought to clarify these questions. Much of visits leaving the navigation before the end of the recruitment process. Thus, it is as evidence that the system of buying and selling is not intuitive. The use of the same raises confusion, is It is slow, tedious. Ultimately, it is a system that contains many defects, causes the impatience of the users, and these end up abandoning the hiring before the end of the process.

This example is quite current and extrapolated to many sites, even those organizations that are not dedicated to e-commerce but want the constant increase of its users, regardless of which contain advertising or not. The question is clear, the success of a website is not only measured by the number of visits, nor by their positioning in Google or other search engines. Web Analytics should not only worry about the skimpy data, it’s about the why and also make the key questions that enable to make efficient and effective decisions on the presence of a web network. The exposed example, reflected the problem of lack of usability that suffer from many of the web sites. So, analytics, accessibility and usability web form a triad inescapable. Is worth spending some more drafting or (re) making a website, that he himself, not only possess sufficient content covering the objectives of the model or plan of business of the company or organization, but also the information and their systems of usages (independent to be ecommerce or not) are operationally accessible and usable by anyone on the planet. As well affirm the most notable experts in web consulting, web analytics is to analyze qualitative and quantitative data from a web site and within its competence, in order to promote a continuous improvement of the online experience that users (or clients) have both common as potential and becomes a few expected outcomes (online and offline). It is simply being smart, sell more and make greater profits.

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Optimize Your Website With The Best SEO Techniques

What is the first thing you think when you have an Internet project that will promote your site? … Many companies are concerned about the type of product, design, advertising, service … but … what are these added values if you do not have anyone visiting your site? To ensure a greater flow of traffic to your site, SEO techniques require. The SEO, its acronym in English of Search Engine Optimization, which means search engine optimization is an essential tool to position your website at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, among others.

The SEO process is intense because there is competition in the network unimaginable that offer products or services that also yearn to make privileged places, in addition to his work is broad, as the position involves web programming code, design and content page. One of the most important is the content you have on your site and your keywords, you investigate what users are searching for key terms and how they express it well, you ensure a greater chance to increase your online sales opportunities. Think important to optimize your website in search engines? Then I recommend you follow these tips: Tip # 1: The content should always be original, because the programs of these engines do not index a site if it finds a duplicate content, the consequence of this action is penalized out of its engine. Tip # 2: Make a list of groups of keywords with a previous analysis, one could say that the optimization of a site depends almost this. With these groups you can study what are the most favorable to not only attract traffic if not the most important quality customers, and there are tools like Google AdWords to help you identify these words. Tip # 3: Get links to your site high in giving web directories and in an appropriate category or less collapsed, also make sure that the title of the website where the link appears to be one of your keywords.

Start with a few web directories that are then indexed, and then continues up for more. Tip # 4: Make the most of the Meta Tags of HTML code of your web page such as title, description, keywords and other webmaster and a familiarity in the content of text and images that are deployed on one site. Tip # 5: It has a Sitemap. In addition to providing a positive user experience in navigation, this file contains all the links are detected automatically by tools that provide statistics of interest in a site like that of Google Analytics. For these boards are a reality you just have to have dedication and good work, and you’ll see results that these your e-marketing.

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Promotion Integrated Solutions

The word "promotion" has firmly entered the business lexicon, replacing the dubious "promotion." What is behind this transformation? What is behind these mysterious terms? Perhaps it is only a means to earn money for marketing and advertising agencies? To answer these questions, our correspondent asked the company "Symposium." The terms "promotion" and "promotion" – Russian synonyms that marketers commonly referred to as "media planning." This set of marketing activities, developed with allowance for the interaction with the media. If you look at the popularity of these terms in search queries, Yandex, see: more than 60 million pages displayed on the word "promotion", 27 million for "promotion" and only about 600 thousand for the word "media planning." Consequently, the undisputed leader in Russia can be considered "progress." Many agencies are trying to sell their services, attracting these fashionable term. But not always have sufficient experience to competently implement the subtle differences in the relationship and advertising media. Their level of competence defines what is behind the proposal, a real help to the business or wasted money. That you should consider applying to the agency to develop advertising company? Before you order an advertising campaign, you must carefully examine the alleged executor. It is important to understand what their own resources does the company have enough experience in it for the quality of individual decisions, what tools are used in her work. The more opportunities for the company, the more flexible solutions can offer it, the more optimally and efficiently will be disbursed promotional tools.

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