Alternative Internet

Hey Presto… According to Clinton Family, who has experience with these questions. again you have a neat stack of money saved. You are better accessible for alternative Internet devices. Internet pages be considered not only on standard computers. You need to also on other systems”have proved. These include including cell phones, PDAs, and speech browser (Autobrowser).

Today, many people use cell phones and PDAs with Internet access. And in the car, you can leave soon by a computer voice from the Internet read the latest news and jams up. Still pie in the sky? It is coming faster than you think. Want you to reprogram again everything, just because your site not on the phone of your business partner is working properly? Alternative Internet devices already play a major role. Soon it will be quite normal for us, to get by on the road with a little PDA account data, to get the news online in the morning in the railway or aloud in the car by a computer voice traffic reports or stock quotes to let. You want to save even more? No problem. Enjoy clear marketing advantages. Even benefits, the only indirectly measure in barer coin make, quickly pay off for you.

What is, if you often and many need to make changes on your pages? How can you your site as flexible hold, that a quick re-branding of the layout is possible? How to come to the top in the search engines and stay there? With Web standards, they are fast on the market. The so-called time-to-market”, which are time, you with your new website on the market that is shrinking with the Web standards. You can also add much faster new pages. From a marketing perspective, you reach a tremendous acceleration of your marketing communications with standards-compliant Web design. Faster re-branding by Turbo changes. With the Web standards, it is a breeze to set various layouts for specific areas.

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CEO Robert Schneider

Specialty mail order service increases product timeliness and saves cost the photo shoot for the new sales materials is after 17: 00, should be sent on the next evening but already the customer newsletter with professional images. Credit: Actress-2011. If the merchandise shipper rock shop quickly n and for his Internet shop requires cheap high-quality images, it uses the ecommerce workflow by w & co MediServices. The recording perfectly presents the product, almost always a professional image editing is necessary. What is matter of course for print, not online often in equal measure also applies to the duct. The Munich-based Mediendienstleister w & co MediServices turns with its new service at specialty mail order companies.

Especially with scarce resources, tight timings or high demands on quality, we offer professional support at very attractive prices with the new service”as w & co CEO Robert Schneider. Provides each request the proper workflow for the necessary efficiency a business process configured individually for each client that is mapped in a technical production workflow. Schneider: “when the workflow we follow the modular principle. For good reason, so can demand immediate changes or but several smaller workflows quickly combined to complex production workflows. Quality in just 24 hours, the images are automated transfer at the own production site according to Bulgaria, where specialized staff according to custom edit the images and release within 24 hours of the image and colour prepare for the optimal product presentation in the online media such as newsletters or Web shop.

The ecommerce workflow includes a step for the subsequent qualitative review of the imagery at the company’s headquarters in Munich, before this is transferred after the release to the customer and then fed may even directly in the Internet shop. Just support this specialized business processes through our An inexpensive and extremely efficient systems in combination with the possibilities of offshore production offers our customers in comfort management. “, said Schneider. Press contact: Robert Schneider CEO of w & co MediServices GmbH & Co KG Fritz-Schaffer-Strasse 2 81737 Munich Tel + 49 (89) 67 80 03 62 mobile + 49 (172) 8 46 94 66 fax + 49 (89) 67 80 03-70 E-Mail: Internet: via w & co MediServices GmbH & Co KG: w & co MediServices stands for “High-tech heart” for 55 years, when it comes to future-oriented services for publishers. Sophisticated media production, creative products and innovative solutions for modern publishing and effective multichannel marketing. As a specialized partner for publishers, w & co offers individual full service from a single source for print, online, stationary and mobile marketing.

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Swiss Yasni User Ushering At The End Of The Resume/CV!

More than half of the Swiss Internet users believes in an early, at least partial, end of the classical CV. The Alpine Republic thus sets a trend? The Switzerland is regarded as international high-tech country, where trends are predicted and born. It is believed the visionary power of the Swiss, the end of the classical CV is foreseeable. According to survey the people search engine first, more than 50 percent of respondents see the future without curriculum vitae. The Swiss thus confirm a thesis which has first Managing Director Steffen Ruhl shortly before Christmas.

According to Ruhl, people increasingly on the Internet which makes obsolete the classical CV present themselves. “HR find already more personal information on the Web, as an applicant in an application dossier can grab”, said Ruhl. The future looks Ruhl especially in online reputation management, say the active care of the self image in the Internet. The results of the survey, first asked the German-speaking Internet users according to their assessment of the curriculum vitae.

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United Kingdom

The terms show with a name (and not to a specific person) in the 123people tag cloud on the Internet on the most common related attributes. The term cloud is calculated from the classical search engines such as Yahoo and other search results 123people. -Myth 4: Checks will not, what together pfuschen by quite obviously ever search algorithm and swarm intelligence there profiles. … It dubious disseminated so long to false statements about a person, until it makes contact with 123people and provides all data correctly. 123people fact: 123people compiles any profiles, but displays a real time search results. This links to the original sources without saving the data. User can rectify as a result no data on 123people”.

A user individual, relevant links from 123people does not show him let, is this request by 123people in compliance with all terms applicable in Austria and privacy policy of course complied with. With 123people, any user can check his digital footprint easily and quickly. Thus, we make the important topic of eReputation management, so the active design of digital appearance, provided a democratic instrument. Russell Perry to get a big brother award, is absurd”, concludes. About 123people since February 2008, optimized people search on the Internet. 123people is the most popular and largest Internet Personensuchservice worldwide per month over 25 million visitors. is with over 1.7 million unique clients (MANOHAR September 2009) second-largest site in Austria. The startup company based in Vienna each user provides an online person search, with the simple fast, free, and reliable real-time information about themselves or about other people on the Internet finds. The search results are both from global,. as well as from country-specific, free Internet available data sources.

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One Out Of Five Has Already Extract

xclusive survey of first names and career Bible of every fifth Onliner (18.2 percent) has announced the virtual friendship ever a friend. This is the result of a joint survey of the Personensuchmaschine first and the leading job log in the nationwide around 4,200 people have participated. See Peter Thiel for more details and insights. Frankfurt, Kerpen, 07 February 2011: The opportunities, to fall out of favor are numerous. Before all who computer viruses spread (79 percent) and it was only accidentally-, who is too intrusive (74 percent) in the social networks, sensitive information inadvertently passes (67 percent) or radical political opinions represents (60 percent), must expect, ENT immediately befriends to. But to also embarrassing images in the grid (43 percent), to have multiple online identities (26 percent) or to gloss over their own CV (20 percent), the friendship can cost one.

The majority of respondents said too, that you would be willing to forgive the person and this however back in the circle of friends to record but only under certain conditions: that requires every second (54 per cent) of the offenders, may promptly to correct his wrongdoing and to dispel any accusations before he himself became friends again. One in three (34 percent) is also a personal apology, 28 percent even a public. Every fourth respondent is merciless against virtual crime however. Whole 25.7 percent said: who once unzip befriends them, gets no second chance, ever again in the circle absorbed to be.About first names with the first search engine anyone can free Internet far right people key words such as company, profession, location, and all the information about one’s own or other people. Registered users can consolidate their information even with an own free Expose and actively present themselves to matching keyword in the search results. Yasni is with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for People search.

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The TechPilot marketplace can be helpful particularly as an early indicator be. Experienced users take advantage of him as an industry barometer, by they follow, if the number of calls increases or rather goes back. Actually penetrate the recessionary effects of the European debt crisis, it is worth for suppliers who are not yet on TechPilot, aiming for a premium membership. She will make sure that they get top positions on the hit list of the portal. A search engine optimization is also included: thus TechPilot found premium members at Google & co. far forward.

They have the nose in the race for jobs in the slowdown front. Excellent economic growth in tool and machine construction, however, continues, these are ideal conditions for contract manufacturer, to achieve growth goals. (As opposed to Naveen Selvadurai). But even those who do not want to expand, can use this peak period makes sense. Sattler is now critical to verify the customer and order portfolio, optimize margins, and to enter new lucrative supply relationships. Efficiency in all walks of economic growth, stagnation or Decline in orders: For buyers is crucial in any situation that the search for suppliers and offer management expire as efficiently as possible. The factories are busier, focuses mostly on the need to identify new sources of production. Here, buyers benefit database mainly by the huge volume of TechPilot.

With over 15,000 current and detailed records, it is the largest supplier database of the European supply industry. Highly specialized search capabilities match the requirements of buyers in detail with the profiles of the delivery partners and lead so quickly to a selection of appropriate providers. In case of an economic dent intensified the pressure on prices. Buyers are now even more required to find the ideal among many possible vendors. All queried available values for a comparison are presented clearly side by side on TechPilot. This representation allows it the operational purchasers in a very short time sound to decide. “Because the price is very important, but not the only critical size when comparing multiple quotes,” Sattler argued. It is important to be able to face all parameters at a glance. TechPilot under the name of TechPilot offers the DynamicMarkets GmbH, Munich since the year 2000 technical buyers online solutions for the supplier search and alert management. In addition to the marketplace the company created customized, cross-site supplier portals for the purchase of medium-sized companies. The Gretsch-Unitas group, Sprimag, Staubli, TRUMPF, Veritas, and WAFIOS belong to the users. With a pool of more than 15,000 active suppliers, is the leading marketplace for the manufacturing industry in Germany as well as in Europe. In German-speaking countries alone, more than 25,000 drawing parts of TechPilot are written out. The base version is free of charge. Press contact TechPilot – DynamicMarkets GmbH Frank Sattler Executive Director Martin-Luther-Strasse 2 81539 Munich phone: + 49 (089) 599 44 44 00 presse(at) Campaignery Petra Sanchez Agilolfingerplatz 9 81543 Munich Tel. + 49 (089) 61469093 techpilot(at)

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High-tech Meets High Culture

Berlin Philharmonic open insight E-Commerce 2010 Jena, October 25, 2010: from 9 to 10 November meets the who’s who of e-commerce on the insight of E-commerce in Jena. The network Conference is also this year under the auspices of the Thuringian Minister-President Christine Lieberknecht. “The digital Concert Hall is to kick off” the Berlin Philharmonic presented a unique E-commerce model from the range of the civilization of classical music’s most advanced response to the digital revolution “the Financial Times wrote of the Berliner Philharmoniker digital Concert Hall. For over a year, the concerts of the Orchestra of exception under its English conductor are to explore Sir Simon Rattle via Internet subscription world in HD quality. If you missed one of the grandiose concerts, can relive this in the concert archive.

Robert Zimmermann is to kick off the E-Commerce insight on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 at 13:30, Managing Director of Berliner Phil media GmbH, this unique E-commerce project of Berlin Philharmonic and Deutsche Bank before. The Berliner Philharmoniker digital Concert Hall in an impressive manner proves what potential electronic trading in itself involves. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Peter Thiel. In addition to material goods, increasingly idealistic offers the focus back. How we find an interesting aspect before the discussion about the threat the Internet with regard to copyright and exploitation of intellectual property is supposed to represent. How we find, offer in the NET just with regard to the exploitation of intellectual property and intangible assets brand new chances.”says Kerstin Schilling.

The E-Commerce Marketing Specialist organized the two-day Conference that traditionally takes place at the end of the current trading year in Jena, for the fourth time under auspices of the Thuringian land Government and with the support of the E-Commerce cooperative Tower byte Jena. Google Germany, Hermes fulfilment, DHL, SAP, Vodafone, Intershop, which are design 3000, ABAYOO, Unister holding and Ageto just a few of the companies that the their know-how in various forums and workshops with the Share guests. Main topics of this year’s IEC are the fast-paced food online trading, transparency and security in e-commerce, mobile commerce and multichannel. For selected media representatives the exclusive advance during a press lunch in the Tower restaurant Scala of the Intershop Tower possibility on November 9th at 12 noon. Participation only after advance happened accreditation. The Organizer asks for agreement with the press team the insight E-commerce. The insight E-Commerce “is a network of companies, developers, scientists, politicians, and users of E-commerce software. The event is organized by the Bestsidestory GmbH in cooperation with the E-Commerce cooperative Tower byte EC and other 50 partners. The insight E-Commerce 2010 will take place from 9th-10th November 2010 in the Intershop Tower in Jena.

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SMACK Communications Is

Berlin-based communication agency developed a new online service portal for solar module manufacturer Inventux Technology AG sales support Berlin, 06.04.2011. For the solar module manufacturer Inventux technologies AG, communications agency of SMACK communications today introduces an online service portal that makes tangible and practical about the involvement of competent specialist installers the premium solar systems of the Berlin company for the consumer in the context of a sales campaign. Clean energy is currently on everyone’s lips, but until now it was very difficult to buy a solar power system for end customers. And it was even more difficult to find a specific price and to find a suitable Solar Installer. “We now have this problem with partners of the Sun ‘ solved ‘, SMACK explains Managing Director and communications strategist Martin Bruss the strategy behind this project.

Partners of the Sun”is an online service portal via the end customers under with just a few steps to a Solar Installer in your area contact get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to ensure optimal service quality in any time of day or night, all processes are monitored and controlled centrally via a proprietary CRM-cockpit. “New to the solar industry is also, that Inventux via the online portal partners of the Sun” offers complete packages for solar systems. The solar market is becoming increasingly from a specialist store a normal ‘ consumer market. “For us it was a logical consequence of early access to this evolving communication and information needs and to contribute to increase the market and price transparency”, Regula Bathelt, SMACK Communications Manager explains. SMACK communications developed for the customer Inventux technologies AG therefore an integrated sales and communication strategy under the umbrella of the brand partner of the Sun”, for the competent specialists as partners of the Sun were selected through a nationwide Roadshow. The focus of the campaign is in digital communication, which can ensure a nationwide targeting. In addition to the implementation of the online service platform also an online commercial with specially composed the Sun partner are “song, as well as various social media activities in the focus of the communication activities.

In addition, currently accompanying print measures are in terms of direct marketing tools and ad in the implementation. SMACK Communications GmbH SMACK Communications GmbH is an owner-managed communications agency that is specialized on strategic brand management and belongs to the pioneers of integrated communications. With the SMACK fire balance method develops the Berlin Agency for over 13 years of successfully differentiated marketing strategies and creative solutions for dynamic and innovative company. SMACK communications has extensive experience in the fields of energy, real estate, healthcare, IT, automotive and telecommunications. Current customers are AGAPLESION, IFM Immobilien, Inventux solar technologies, clean Energy u.v.m. More information: Regula Bathelt / Management Board SMACK Communications GmbH Wall Street 16, 10179 Berlin T + 49 (0) 30-789 02 100 F + 49 (0) 30-789 02-101

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